Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sitting Up
One of my absolute favorite milestones.....sitting up! Sitting up brings a whole new world to babies - playing! When they drop something, unless it rolls across the room, they can pick it up. It is fabulous! Mya is now sitting on her own, for the most part. I still put the Boppy around her in case she falls over, and I take these sweet, sweet moments of her playing happily to try and get things done (seeing as how she hasn't allowed me to get ANYTHING done for the last 7 1/2 months).
Sippy Cups
Another favorite milestone of mine! I waited too long to give Lo a sippy cup, and it took me about a month and every different kind of cup on the market to get her to drink out of one. Mya, of course, knowing there is some sort of food in it, has no problem drinking out of it. It's one of my favorite things, because it makes me see the light at the end of the bottle/formula tunnel. Before I know it, she'll be crawling (hopefully), walking (we'll see), feeding herself, and drinking milk. There are things about the newborn stage that I like, but I LOVE the toddler stage, and it's coming, woot woot!
If you haven't clicked on this picture, you should, they both look scared, it's hilarious.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The potty training has been postponed - Bryan found a method online that we think is going to work, but we need to do it when both of us can be home with her for 2-3 days. You basically have to throw out all of your diapers/pullups (scary) and try and catch them in the act....kind of like house training a puppy. When you catch them, you run them to the potty so they can finish in the potty. I think this will work, since I've discovered that when Lo says "I need to go potty" it means, "I just peed my panties, please clean me up and put dry ones on". She only successfully went once in 4 days!
So this is where we're at, I know you've all been DYING to know!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potty Training: Day 2

Accidents: many
# of times she actually went in the potty: a big fat 0!
I don't want to talk about it today.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty Training: Day 1

We're going to give potty training our first real shot today. The "potty treats" have been purchased, Dora panties all ready to go. I don't believe a potty chart will work for Lo. Actually, I think I might be having to try multiple things to figure out what does work for her. Bought a soft, cushy, Dora seat that she picked out on her own and discovered that she is TERRIFIED of the big toilet. But I'm determined to give this to old college try for the next few days and see where we're at. So, ladies & gents, I might be dumping and cleaning out the little potty for some time to come. Or you might find me curled up in a little ball in the corner having accepted defeat from my 2.5 year old monster. Wish me luck and harness your chi for me - I'm definitely going to need it.
Here's how today went:
6 accidents - 5 #1's, 1 #2
2 successful in-the-potty #1's
Numerous "you have dry panties" prizes
Not feeling so hot right now :(
Tomorrow will be better, right?
But she is wanting to wear the panties which is a really big step from the last time we tried.
I'm exhausted already and it's only day 1......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Little Girls

Just a few funny shots of the li'l ones - and for the record - Lauren is not always in jammies, and Mya would get to wear more than a onesie around the house if she'd just stop puking all over everything.
Lo insisted on holding B this morning. It just gets more and more awkward the bigger Mya gets.
Happy girl on her tummy for once! I LOVE this picture - she has the biggest smile ever!! Lo and Daddy watching "Badagardigans" under the "rumbrella". He's such a good sport.

Yes, Daisy's tongue is actually inside Mya's mouth.
Mya is starting to get upset in this one, but this is actually her new "position" of choice. She starts by sitting up in the chair and slowly makes her way to this, but she loves it. She'll hang out like this for 20 minutes if I let her (which for Mya is a long time to be doing anything other than sleeping or being held).

Crazy Weekend!

I jokingly texted Bryan that he should take Thursday off so we could go play and find someone to watch the girls (not for a second thinking he would agree). We haven't had much "we" time lately, and I've been feeling that we needed a day. Surprisingly, he agreed, Shara said she's watch them in the afternoon, so we both took the day off, and that's where our lovely weekend began.

Thursday morning:
Shara called and said that Annie was throwing up, so she couldn't watch the kids (poor Annie, no fun) - I had been sooo looking forward to our day, so I wasn't giving up! I called my sister who said she would come over after work (woo hoo), so we were back on.

We decided to go to Park City to the outlets - who doesn't love the outlets?????

We grabbed 5 Guys Burgers & Fries (delicious, btw) on the way up and spend the afternoon/evening in discount heaven. Love!

Bryan also had the day off, I worked a little in the morning, and then we decided to take Lo to Build-A-Bear. She's been having some trouble sleeping lately, so we thought by getting her a "bedtime only" bear it might help. Bryan recorded a message for her so if she gets scared at night she can squeeze the hand and hear "Good night, Lolo, go to sleep, I love you" from her daddy. And since we're suckers, we decided that she can't have her first Build-A-Bear experience be for a bear she can't play with during the day, so she also got to build a "scruffy puppy" that is all decked out - track suit, rainbow sneakers, and diva sunglasses!

We stopped in to see my little bro when we got there and he came with us for some Chick-Fil-A and the building of the bear/puppy.

Then I was off for a much needed haircut and the kiddies for a much needed nap.

I came home and then we were off again on a mission to find Mariokart for Wii - 4 stores later, BINGO!

So that evening, my little bro and fam came over along with G and J, our favorites, and we played Wii and chatted and ate Chinese and had a fabulous time.


Pedicure with my girls at 10:30, then lunch at Jason's Deli.

Ran to the mall to check out Easter dresses

Came home in time to change and have lunch with some of my old K-Town buddies that I've reconnected with thanks to Facebook. Olive Garden - still my favorite!

Raced home and picked up the family to then to go DK with H&A - I didn't eat anything there, but I nibbled and it was still delish.

Then back to our house to watch a movie and eat shakes and chit the chat.

And now, we breathe.

Thanks, honey, for letting me do so many "me" things this weekend - I owe you BIG TIME!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Kids Make You Squishy II

This is my latest update on how my kids are making me squishy.....right here, ladies and gentlemen. This is what B does EVERY TIME I try and work out.
And I've tried to do it while she's taking a nap, and I swear this baby knows, because I get about 15 minutes into it - getting a good rhythm, starting to feel good, and then she starts crying. Why oh why!?! I've felt really motivated lately to get into shape (maybe it's because I'm in a ward full of marathon runners), and I have a treadmill, so this should all work out, right? B Mya says "WRONG, MOM, I WANT YOU TO STAY SQUISHY FOREVER BECAUSE I'M DIFFICULT!!!"
I'm starting to think I might need to use the childcare at the gym that everyone around here raves about - but then I'm afraid that she'll cry every time we go because she hates strangers. And then the people at the gym will hate me and eventually not let me bring her.
And unless I start getting up every day at 3:00 to work out since I work at 4:00, I don't know what to do! I'm hoping that warm weather and a jogging double stroller will solve my dilemma. Babies like strollers. Oh wait, but this is Mya, the rules don't apply to her.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please Don't Stop the Music!

So, as we all know, Lauren LOVES music - loves to sing to it, dance to it (she had amazing rhythm, by the way), listen to it, all of it! Her new favorite song is Rihanna's Don't Stop the Music - a catchy little tune, right? Anyway, we were listening to it in the car on the way home from my brother's house Sunday night, and the song had just begun when we pulled up to "new house". All of sudden Lo starts screaming that she doesn't want to get out, she wants to listen to "the music" - which is what she calls that song.
So we left the car on in the driveway and listened. But listening wasn't enough. She proceeded to bark out orders from her flowery car seat in the back to me and Bryan:

"Now shake your booty!" - so we shook our booties
"Do this!" (bob your head up and down) - we bobbed our heads
"Raise the roof!" - the roof got raised (and the occasional "woo woo" was shouted)
"Punch!" - we punched the air in true rocker fashion
"Dance!" - and we shook what our momma's gave us

We felt like Ben Stiller in Zoolander when he's hypnotized and ordered by Will Ferrell to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia - and if we stopped what we were doing for a split second, she was on us like you would not believe!

Then "the music" stopped, and Bryan and I just stared at eachother for a minute, and started laughing hysterically and wishing that none of the neighbors saw. Who wears the pants in this household? Hmmmm, I wonder.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Rhodes Triumph!!

I'm sure you're wondering why this is blogworthy, but for me this is a big deal. Every Sunday my MIL makes these fabulous, perfect Rhodes rolls. I have NEVER been able to get mine to turn out - not even once! I am not, nor have I ever professed to be a great cook, but I try REALLY hard. And if there's something I want to make but can't get it to turn out, I keep trying and trying until I do. So the last couple of months we've had to make our own Sunday dinner a few times, (I know, poor me) and since it's the only day I will allow myself such a carbohydrate delight, I decided that I needed to figure out how to do them right. So I finally figured it out (on my umptenth attempt) today! If I turn the oven on and put them on top to rise right before church, when we get home they are perfect! I'm just so proud of myself, let's take a moment here to relish........ok, moment relished. Go me!

New 'Dos

Anyone who knows me and my children know that they are not blessed with an abundance of hair. Lauren didn't actually have anything to do with until she was over 1, and it was a very pathetic attempt.
So here's B with her first actual "do" - a mohawk. Yes, she's a girl, but I'm just trying to work with what the Good Lord gave her here.
**And on a side note - she still has a huge noggen - and no neck. Just in case you were wondering.
This was a big day for Lo - most of her hair can now be pulled into 2 ponies - I was worried that she woul have to have that little baby hair where you just pull the top into a bow forever. And she keeps them in most of the day. Impressive, I know! I just love this picture, she's the cutest!

Monday, March 2, 2009

First Tooth!!

I am proud to announce that B cut her first tooth on Saturday night - at exactly 6 months and 2 weeks old! This is a big deal because she has been teething for what seems like FOREVER - and I know this is obviously not the end of the burning red cheecks and the pain, but at least the tooth ball is a'rollin', and maybe the rest won't be so hard for her.

So here's to you, B Mya, congratulations!

And now I will share Mya's favorite song with the blogging world:
(sung to the tune of "Free Falling" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)

She's a big girl, loves her momma
Loves Daddy, and Lolo too
She's a big girl, crazy 'bout her binky
Loves bottles, and all kinds of food
And she's B, B Mya
And she's B, B Mya

Embarrassing for me, but she LOVES when I sing it and gives me HUGE smiles every time I do. For some reason we've always put our kids names into random songs (mainly Bryan) - for instance:

All you need is Lo, Lo, Lo is all you need...
Her name is Lolo, she was a showgirl...
How much is that Lolo in the window, I do hope that Lolo's for sale...(Lo makes us use all of our names - we are all for sale)
And Bryan's personal favorite right now is to just sing "B Mya" over and over again to the A-Team theme song. Classic.

Don't judge - you all do and say weird things with your kids, so don't act like we're the only odd ones!