Tuesday, June 30, 2009


For those of you who might NOT know by now, Lauren talks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she falls asleep. Her little mouth is moving constantly all day long, and says some pretty hilarious stuff. Sometimes I put them up on "Ramblings of a Lolo", sometimes I forget, and sometimes they are too long to put there.
She's starting to have full conversations - but sometimes they just don't quite make sense. She's still getting the whole question/answer thing.
We had one of my favorites this morning:
Lo: "I need to go potty"
Mom: "Oh, let's hurry and go. Are you dry?"
Lo: "Ummmmm" (bad sign)
Mom: "Sweetie, you need to tell me before you go in your panties. Why didn't you tell me that you needed to go?" (she had just gone a little bit in her panties, but I'm still trying to stress the before part)
Lo: "Because....because we need our panties to be dry." (Makes no sense at all as to why she peed) Lo: "We need to pee in the potty. Are you being happy?" (she changes the subject)
(I'm sitting on the edge of the tub and she's sitting on the potty. Now she gets those big, bright, blue eyes right up in my face and says this in the sweetest, softest little voice)
Lo: "Are you mad at me?"
Mom: "I'm not mad at you, I just wish you would tell me before you pee in your panties"
Lo: "Don't be mad at me"
And that's when my heart melted into a big, gooey mess.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby For Sale

Yet another example of how my husband enjoys putting our kids in things. He asked if I thought someone would buy Mya if we threw in the bag. I said no, because those bags are only a dollar, that's not much of an incentive. Maybe if we offer drive & load.....
We'll sell her to you cheap, but you have to give her back when she is done teething!

And if this picture doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what will. Look past the disaster of a floor. This was not posed, I was doing laundry and turned around to find them watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse like this. I heart my littles!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Belated Happy Father's Day

If my girls could say it, here's what they would say about their daddy:

"I would spend every waking moment with my daddy if I could. He's infinitely patient with me, even through my most sassy of moments. He lets me snack all evening long on Goldfish and fruit snacks. I love to have my arms/back/legs/face tickled just like him. He gets up with me in the middle of the night and always seems to calm me down when I have a bad dream. He doesn't care if what I wear matches or not, he lets me wear whatever I want and never makes me do my hair. He is the greatest daddy in the world!!"

"My daddy puts my name into any and every song he can think of. Even though I cry a lot, I know he still loves me more than anything. He always finds odd things to put me in - Easter baskets, shopping bags, plastic bins, etc. I love him so much, I can't stand to let him so much as wash his hands before he picks me up after he gets home from work. I never have to wear pants when he's home. I love my daddy so much!!!"

I'm so lucky for all the daddies in my life. I couldn't ask for a better husband or father to my kids than Bryan. He balances me out perfectly, and I couldn't do this without him. He works so hard to provide for our family, and we all love him so much. We have such great examples in our own daddies, and they are the best grandpas in the world. We are truly blessed, and so grateful for them and all they do for us.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I don't even know how to caption these pictures.
We'll just say "Brad teaching Bryan yoga poses - the hilight of my weekend"

Perfect form

Beautiful extension

Tree pose is hard :(

Bring your hands to heart center



I usually don't blog about this kind of stuff, but oh well.
I'm a muffin FREAK and I would eat a dozen a day if I could (I have before, people: pregnancy + muffins = bad news). Anyway, I bought this thinking they were going to taste blah (because they're healthy & all) but they were really good! I had to hurry & freeze the rest after I had one or else I would've eaten them all.
So if you're a "bready" like me, give them a try, they're delish.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping = Smarshmallows

We finally went camping for the first time this year at Vernon Reservoir.
We were so excited, and didn't tell Lo about it until a couple of days before. And next time I won't be telling her until we are leaving so that I don't hear "We're going camping, gonna roast smarshmallows" ten million times. Apparently camping and smarshmallows are synonymous - if you mention one , she'll talk about the other.
I'll try to refrain from writing a novel about our trip (for once) - but I'm sure it will end up as one in the end.
Lo with her princess fishing pole getting ready to go fishing her first time with Daddy.
How cute is this?
Bryan caught this fish, but if you ask Lauren, she did. He's trying to get her to kiss it - she almost did but chickened out at the last minute.
Daisy almost enjoyed herself. She wasn't allowed in the trailer this time because she's still shedding her winter coat like crazy. She rebelled by tearing the trash bag down from a tree and spreading it through the campsite while we were gone for 5 minutes the second day. When I saw her she seriously looked at me like "You left me, what did you think I would do?"
The crack is making more frequent appearances now that Lauren is wearing panties. Like father, like daughter :)
I've never seen Mya more excited to go to bed in her entire life. I'm not sure how she feels about camping....
Lo all snuggled up in her new princess sleeping bag. The girls slept surprisingly well - it was very nice! We roasted smarshmallows by the fire on the first night - Lauren was not pleased that they were warm and wouldn't eat one. But she did polish off at least 10 un-roasted ones.
We can't wait to go again!!

Million to One Shot, Doc

This is another story I need to document because it's just that funny. Well, at least it was for those who were there.
We'll start with this.
Never, NEVER throw a plastic ball across the room at your wife when she's not paying attention, thinking you are going to hit her in the chest and blame it on the baby you're holding. Never do it because you might just smack your unsuspecting wife in the eye, no, eyeBALL (the eye was open).
This happened last night at Bryan's mom's house. I was just sitting there, watching the Next Food Network Star, minding my own business, when I got smacked in the OPEN eye with a stupid plastic ball. My first though was "What the...", next thought as I looked at Bryan "Did he just????"
I laughed, because it was funny (when isn't it funny when someone gets hit and doesn't brace themselves for it???), and then the pain hit me and I started to cry. Bryan tried to come over and I put up my hand in warning - I was restraining myself from punching him as hard as I could where it would count.
I got up and walked to the bathroom, just needing a minute and some serious tissues.
The best part was right as I closed the door I heard my BIL Mat burst into laughter. He had obviously been holding back while I was in the room, which I KNOW was not easy :)
Within another couple of minutes I was laughing, too, because it was hilarious, but my eye was watering like crazy. I informed Mat, as he was still laughing uncontrollably, that they were not tears of joy. His response? "These are". Hahahaha
But can someone please help my husband with his aim? I know he's not very athletic, and I know he didn't mistake my eyeball for my chest. So that means he's just a really, really bad aim.
Poor, uncoordinated guy, and poor still stinging eyeball of mine!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I Didn't Pee!"

Nothing cuter than a 2 year old in panties
Yesterday was our first day of ZERO accidents!
We even went to Tai Pan AND Harmons (though I did stop off at home in between & make her go.....didn't want a replay of "The Harmons Incident").
Good Job Lolo!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009



If you do not like/appreciate stories about poop, do not read any further! You have been warned!

Yesterday at my nephew's baby blessing Bryan reminded me of a story that for some reason never made it to the blog. I think it's because I hadn't started the blog yet, or maybe I thought it to be inappropriate at the time, but this story is so good that it should've made it before now. I hope that I can give it justice, because it's just about one of the funniest things. Ever.
When Lo was maybe 8 months old, Bryan was giving her a bath in the tub. He noticed that she started pushing, you know PUSHING - we all know that face. From the next room I heard "Oh, no you don't" and he yanked her out and held her over the toilet. After a minute or so, she stopped pushing, so he decided to try and get a diaper on her & ran across the hall into her room. Then I hear "I need some help, oh no, oh (and lots of gagging noises)" - I ran into her room, still not 100% sure of what was going on and he basically threw her at me (the diaper had NOT made it onto her bum).
Then he caught the poop.
And ran to the bathroom, gagging and almost puking the whole way. Afterwards, as I was still laughing hysterically, he was still gagging talking about how it was all "warm and slimy".
I'm actually surprised that he didn't puke - he puked at the smell of an outhouse while we were camping 5 years ago. My poor husband does not do well with smells.
He says that his thought process was "carpet or hand, carpet or hand" - which is understandable, seeing how Bryan is a clean freak. But really? In the hand? I like to think that I could've come up with a better solution than catching a ball of poop in my bare hand. I guess I can thank him for taking one for the team?
And for the record I seriously almost simultaneously peed my pants and spit out pasta salad while he told this story yesterday. I was totally unprepared.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just a Tip

Just a tip for anyone out there who may work at a grocery store, or any store for that matter. If you have a very stressed out looking mom come through your register with a "car cart", 2 year old in the car, 9 month old in the front, both children screaming. The 9 month old is just screaming because she has discovered how loud she can do it, and the 2 year old is screaming that she nees to go potty in the Dora potty, not in the big potty at the store.
When you have this little family come through your line, DO NOT take up their time by trying to talk to the children about why they are so sad and telling them how pretty they are, asking the mom questions about their eyes/ages, if she likes the green bags, and other small talk. I like to chit chat as much or more than the rest of them, but now is not the time. Just scan the stupid groceries and let them get on their way.
The mom will greatly appreciate it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Riverton.....

Dear Riverton,

I love you. I love your wonderful location, your big lots, your grassy lawns watered with secondary water, and your accessibility to the freeway. But I just have one complaint. What is up with your soil????? Seriously, 2 hours for me to turn under/weed a 3x5 piece of my front flower bed before I gave up and stormed into my house, Bryan laughing as he watched me. I think I almost broke my foot at least twice jumping on the shovel to get approximately 1.5 inches down into the dirt. And no, there were no rocks, and yes, it was sufficiently wet. I'm not a gardener by any means, but never in my life have I seen such crappy, thick, disgusting clay that is supposed to pass as "soil" in the front of my beautiful home. How anything can grow in it is beyond me.
So, Riverton, I will be spending the remainder of this summer attempting to make your stupid soil plantable, because I would love nothing more than to see beautiful flowers in the front of my beautiful new "new house" (I wonder when Lauren will stop calling it new house?), but I don't know how it could possibly happen this year.
Don't worry, I still love you.