Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's Play a Little Catch Up

Sooooo obviously I haven't been very good at updating.
I went through all the recent pictures yesterday and turns out I haven't been very good at taking pictures, either ;)
Here we go with a little catch up:

This picture of Mya cracks me up because this is such a Mya face.  The face that is saying "I do what I want". 

Here is soon to be Uncle Alex, being mauled by all the kids.
Poor guy looks terrified.

Can't say I blame him :)

This is one of those hilarious moments in a marriage that you never want to forget.  Long story short, the girls asked if they could sleep in this "tent" {it's a little thing you take to the beach to keep a baby out of the sun}.  We obviously told them no, since it's not really a tent.
This is what I found later that night and about peed my pants.
Bryan really wanted to sleep in the tent.
 I gave it about 2 minutes.
Funny boy!

Jane is completely obsessed with Daisy, and {surprise, surprise} "Daisy" was her first word {besides Dadda and the occasional Momma}.

Here is Lo attempting to help Jane stand up.  But Ginger Baby only does what Ginger Baby wants to do, so that didn't go well.
But check out that face!!!
Sadly, I didn't get a pic, but Jane took a few random steps over the weekend - woot woot!
For about a week now, Jane will stand forever and smile and laugh and let you make a fool out of yourself trying to get her to take a step forward.
Then she will slowly lower herself to the ground and go on about her merry way.
But Saturday, Aunt Shara bribed her with a piece of taffy and she took a little, tiny, itty bitty step forward.
Then yesterday, being enticed with Thin Mint ice cream, she did it twice.
And being just barely 10 months old, thus continuing the streak of doing everything long before her sisters ever even thought about it.
Happy day!