Monday, September 20, 2010

Cabin Leaves

We went up to the cabin this last weekend, and wow.  The leaves were incredible!  It seems every year when we try to go see the fall leaves, we are either too early or too late.
Well, this year it was perfect.
The view from the deck
The weather was beautiful, and we had so much fun.  I'm so sad they will all be gone the next time we go up there, but I'm so glad we got to enjoy them!
I'm so ready for summer to be over.  I'm ready for jackets, boots, soup and bread bowls.  For the smell the heater makes the first time it gets cold enough to turn on at night.
Isn't it wonderful - when you start to get sick of one season, another one begins.  Let's hope we get some good fall this year instead of just going straight to winter, right?

School Days, School Days

Lo started school and dance on the same day this year.  She was too excited for words.
Here she is, posing for the obligatory front-porch-on-the-first-day-of-school picture.  She's adorable, I know.  Pay no attention to the filthy storm door.  I clean it once a week (sometimes more), I promise.

Getting started with her new teacher, Miss Hilary.  We are so excited to have Miss Hilary this year, she's awesome.

And, after dinner, all ready for her very first dance class.
Once again, she was so excited.

Here she is, warming up at the first of class.  To be honest with you, I'm not thrilled about the outfits they ordered for her class.  But at least she's mostly covered.  We might only be going to this studio for this year.
Anyhoo, she was so hilarious during class.  She kept turning around and whispering "Is it time to put on my tap shoes?" and was thrilled when that time finally came.  She loves it, and I think she'll do really well.

Ever since Mya's birthday, Lo has been asking me very single day if it's October 3rd yet.  Her birthday.  Sometimes it was more than once a day.  It got very old very fast.
So finally, I resorted to an old faithful.  The paper chain.  I hung it above her bed, and told her that when the papers are all gone, it's October 3rd and she will be 4 years old.
Works like charm.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Love It When.....

Mya calls herself "Yaya"
Lo says "lasterday"
I get all the laundry done in one (long) day
Bryan comes home from work and gives me that first kiss
Mya does her fat walk or her twisty walk (if you're lucky, you might see one of these someday)
I don't have to work Fridays
Lo says please and thank you without being reminded (more often than not these days)
Mya gives me unsolicited kisses
Lo plays with my hair
We put the ipod on random on the way to the cabin
My kids are good at the store
Mya calls me pretty
Lo says super overdramatic things like "I don't want to stay in my room forever and ever"
Mya says "hewwo, Wowo (Lolo)"

Being a mommy is pretty fun right now
Love it