Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yesterday is Over

And I'm so glad about it.
Totally just one of those days that random, odd things happen.
And once it starts, it's like a domino effect of craziness.
I blame it on deciding to put baby powder in my hair in an attempt to skip a day washing.
Because after that, nothing went right.
Including the baby powder.
I just feel like Martha Washington now.
And smell like Secret deoderant.
So after that, I discovered our kitchen sink was leaking underneath, for who knows how long.
I discovered this while in the middle of making homemade biscuits, something you can't just stop in the middle of.
So that was an adventure.
Couldn't get a hold of Bryan to tell me what to do.
Spilled water all over the kitchen floor switching out bowls to catch the leaking water.
All while listening to the Hannah Montana movie playing for Lo, who, unknown to me, had snuck downstairs.
So I was left with the vocal stylings of Miley Cyrus as a background soundtrack to this kitchen madness.
Mya wouldn't eat anything yesterday.
Everything was thrown as far as she could get it.
Got an email from work informing me I would need to come in to get some required immunizations. What??? Never required in the past. I feel like I'm going into Kindergarten.
Got another email from work informing me that today is really going to suck. Thanks.
Naptime freakout because Sleeping Beauty's dress sleeve is torn. And I mean FREAK OUT.
Forgot to put the ribs in the oven at 1:30, had to compromise.
Cooked them at a higher temp to compensate, and almost completely dried them out.
Bryan said he liked them better. Liar.
Lo then refused to eat dinner. MAC & CHEESE! Again, what????
Got sick from ribs. I think I'm developing an aversion to pork.
Kids were both up numerous times in the middle of the night.
And how can I forget the nonstop headache behind my eyes from the moment I opened them in the morning? Seriously.
At least I had an enjoyable text convo with J somewhere in the middle of all of it.
And managed to squeeze in some good reading between the water leak & naptime freakout.
So I guess the entire day wasn't horrible.
Hello today.
Please be nice.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am not proud of this story. It is definitely not a shining moment of mine when it comes to my career as a parent. But I am telling you all anyway.
Yesterday, for some reason, Mya was insisting on sitting on my bed while I was getting ready. You can see where this is going, can't you.
Long story short, she did decide to fall off the bed head first, instead of the usual slide off on her tummy feet first method. I was not even 2 feet away, but just couldn't get there in time.
So the screaming ensues, and I try to assess the damage. Bloody mouth, trying to figure out where it's coming from. I got her into the kitchen and had her drink some water so I could see better.
My child gave herself a frenectomy.
The thing that connects your upper lip to your gums is a frenulum, and now Mya's is completely gone.
She had a really thick one, and it grew really far down the front of her lip. I knew we'd have to have it clipped someday to get the gap in her 2 front teeth to close. I had mine done a few years ago, but it grew back. But that's beside the point.
So I called her doctor, panicking a little bit, but mostly curious. I know it's not something that is necessary to live, but it's something that connects one part of your mouth to another. You'd think stitches were in order, right? Nope.
The nurse told me that Mya basically just saved us from future doctor bills and to not worry.
So there you have it.
A DIY frenectomy.
***And I do not in any way, shape, or form recommend you let your child fall off your bed and tear their mouth open to save them from a tiny little surgery years down the road.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


All of a sudden, Mya is starting to talk like crazy.....and some of it actually makes sense.
Here is a (short) list of her words:

Isss Yucky
Oh no
Go get it (my personal fave)

The little stinker is getting so big so fast! She's learning how to communicate, to tell me what she wants, and I love it. We're starting to have a much easier, more peaceful coexistence.
When she wants a drink, she walks to the fridge and points to the water dispenser, and to the pantry when she wants a snack. And when I get it, she trots right over to her high chair.
She insists on always wearing shoes (I think she's realized that it makes her life easier....hardwood + socks = disaster).
She still is stubborn as can be, but with her developing personality I think it more hilarious than frustrating these days.
There certainly is no child like B.
Oh, and you should see her shake her $$ maker.
Her dance moves are second to none :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I don't know if anyone else feels like me, but before I had kids, and when we were trying to have kids, I thought a lot about how my life was going to be when I had them.
I had visions of snuggling, yummy smelling babies, who laughed, played, slept, and who I got to dress up like dolls all day long.
And some of that is true.
When they're still babies.
Then come the toddler years.
And I envisioned those being full of playing, reading books, teaching, and just overall fun.
Sure, I knew I'd be cleaning up poopy diapers, messy fingers, and that it all wouldn't be this glamorized idea that I had in my head. I was an older sister and very hands on auntie prior to becoming a mom. I've done toddler before.
I knew I'd be picking up food thrown on the floor beneath the high chair, and toys would be everywhere.
What I didn't know, is that this would be all the time.
When you hear other moms that have gone before you talking about cleaning up toys constantly, and not knowing where their days went, and other similar comments, you don't really KNOW what they're talking about.
I sure do now.
It wasn't so much when Lauren was this age, but, and I've come to learn VERY well, Mya is a completely different story.
Today, thus far, I've stepped on blocks (twice), had to wash the "favorite B" (which is a tragedy every single time) because I watched her practically blow her nose into it, cleaned up waffle, muffin, milk, grilled cheese, and peaches up off the floor.
Watched her look at me and spit out her milk all down the front of her shirt that had been on for all of 3 minutes. The second shirt of the day.
Dunked her head under the kitchen faucett because she smeared peach juice all over her hair (didn't wash it, because there is still one meal to be had today).
Changed fresh sheats because someone had a little bit of an accident last night (that one belongs to Lo).
Got ready for the day with one foot on the bathroom door to keep it from being closed on me repeatedly, because shutting doors is really fun.
Watched Monsters Vs. Aliens twice. She likes to dance to the music in it.
Removed her from trying to climb onto the door of the dishwasher I don't know how many times while unloading it, while also trying to keep the racks out to unload because she continually pushes them in.
Knocked her over at least 3 times because she keeps sneaking up behind me while I'm doing something and I don't know she's there.
Constantly moving things left at too low of a level by the 3 year old to higher ground to avoid "Mya's got my (insert toy here)" tantrums.
Put everything from her dresser back into it. Taking every article of clothing out while Mom is in the shower is really fun.
I'm exhausted. It's 3:05.
There was some play time in there. We read some books today, and built a castle with the blocks that I stepped on, colored for a bit, tickled, wrestled, and laughed.
But I'm still exhausted.
Before I had kids, I never knew how glorious nap time was.
Once again, I sure do now.
Love my kids - awake and asleep - but things sure are nice when they're asleep.
And somehow, I'm always so happy to see them when they wake up.
When you become a mom, I think you gain a really short memory. Because no matter what they do to you, you keep coming back for more.
And every kiss, every hug, every smile still melts my heart, regardless of what they spilled, dropped, broke, or screamed at me 2 minutes ago.
There are some things that I expected, and a whole lot more that I didn't.
But I still wouldn't change this for anything.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cabin Fever

For New Year's this year, we were lucky enough to go to our friends' cabin up by Strawberry. I realized about half way that I had forgotten my camera. Typical.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the 24 hours we were there:
Snowmobiling through the woods with a full, blue moon overhead. Magical.
Driving a snowmobile for the first time.
Black Eyed Peas dance party featuring Mya, Lo, and Makayla
Wearing Margaret's snow pants and looking like a pirate.
Helmet hair.
Getting silly with J.
Good music.
A bit slap happy as it got late.
Getting to know Jordan better.
Watching the bundled up littles play in the snow - I can't put my arms down!
Watching B wander around a new place and be happy doing so.
Deciding to venture up a hillside by myself......and getting stuck.
Being rescued by Erik & Bryan after aforementioned incident.
Kiddies who surprisingly went to sleep easily in a new place.
Heidi reminding me of a Thanksgiving "event" that I'd forgotten. Still laughing.
Apples to Apples.....and only getting 1 card. Pout.
B walking around all day saying "OK".
Laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.
Friends who willingly watched our kiddos so we could go play in the snow.
Ringing in the new year a hair late with organic sparkling apple cider.
3 year old girl giggles & screams.
Not wanting to come home.
Spending time with some of my most absolute favorite people.

Thanks again, Olsens! We hope it's not in the too distant future that we get to go back up there. It was so much fun!