Monday, March 28, 2011

The Last One. I Promise.

I just picked up what I'm hoping will be the last diaper bag I ever buy.
This is a huge inside joke between me & Bryan - I have gone through a zillion diaper bags, and have never been completely happy with any of them.
Too big, too small, not enough pockets, ugly, not practical enough, bla bla bla.
So I researched until I was blue in the face and found this one.
I'm totally going to use it as a toiletry bag for the cabin after I don't need it as a diaper bag anymore, because {in my opinion} it doesn't really look like a diaper bag.
Which is awesome.
And just so you know, I really want to load it up with stuff right now.  Throw in some diapers, wipes, a couple of onesies.  Maybe put a bottle or 2 in one of the 4 bottle pockets.
Nesting much?  Yes.
And PS, my awesome, super handy husband threw together the greatest closet for the older girls on Friday in about 2 hours.  He is so amazing.
I spent a good portion of my morning today putting clothes away and reorganizing.
I feel fantastic.
Isn't nesting the weirdest thing?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Check Out the Ticker

It's finally been changed to pink.  Actually, I just noticed it was blue a few weeks ago, but my doctor FINALLY was able to tell that this baby is 100% a girl - no "if"s, "maybe"s, or "I think"s.
So I have finally allowed myself to go crazy on all things baby girl......again :)
It's amazing how much cuter things can get in just a few years between babies!
I have been literally addicted to Etsy and I think I'm going to give Bryan a heart attack. 
But, I'm sorry....who can resist stuff like this?

I'm nesting like crazy now, which has been hard because I've only been able to do so much with the baby's room.  With Lo & Mya sharing a room, we haven't been able to put all of their stuff in the same closet because both bedroom closets just have the closet rod, and we need closet organizers in order for both of their clothes to fit {I refuse to admit that my girls just might have too many clothes}.
So I have all preemie, newborn, and 0-3 month baby clothes {about 2 huge bins worth} sitting in the baby room, washed, and folded nicely.  Still in the bins, just waiting to be put away properly. 
My wonderful husband has had a lot of other things going on for other people, and finally this weekend his handyman skills are MINE and hopefully the closets will get done, and clothes can be moved & put away.
I am quickly moving from freaking out about having 3 kids to being insanely excited to meet this new little wonder.
And I might just be a little excited to get my body back.  Just a little.
8 weeks to go as of today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

At the beginning of March, we went to Disney on Ice with Bryan's famly.
I, of course, let the girls go all dolled up in the princess dress of their choice.  I was a little disappointed that the ONLY princess that seemed to be missing from the show was Sleeping Beauty, because that's who Lo dressed up as.  But she didn't even notice - they both loved the show and we all had so much fun!
And oh yes, this crown lights up and flashes.  It's very bright.

*these were taken with my phone, sorry about the poor quality
 Mya in her Belle-esque yellow dress.  I was very nervous about how she was going to be, but she actually did pretty well.  It helped that there were aunties with popcorn sitting behind us :)

This picture is just to remind myself that not every part of my trip to the mall on Saturday was an absolute disaster.  Lunch was glorious.  You can't even tell that in 30 minutes I would be dragging both of these girls out of Nordstrom while they were screaming, and I would be vowing to never do that to myself again.
They sure are cute.

Monday, March 14, 2011

You Win Some...

You lose some.
You know you've lost one when you allow your 2 year old to accompany you running errands wearing:
A pink & orange striped sweater
Blue, white, and pink polka dot rain boots {over the jeans, of course}
Orange bows for pony tails {my choice}
And a green & white polka dot headband {NOT my choice}
It's OK, we just went to Walmart :)

And sorry, no picture.  I kept trying to remind myself to take one but forgot.  But I'm sure you can get a visual.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mya Randomness

I ran across these pictures of Mya this morning, and just had to throw them on here.
She is just about the funniest little thing I've ever met - everyone who knows Mya says the same thing "there is nobody like Mya".
It's so true.
To just watch her walk around and do her thing on a daily basis is quite entertaining. 
She's a stinker and a half, and sometimes I want to sell her to the first {not even the highest} bidder, but I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Here she is sporting a headband first thing in the morning when she was obviously wearning pigtails the day before - jammies still on.  She seems to be really irritated about something.
She ran around like this for maybe an hour one day - I don't even know what to say about it.
If you can't tell, they are tights.

She must have decided she should accessorize her princess dress with a that is too big for her head.
I love this uber-goofy expression she has on her face.

And for the finale - one day she was playing with a baggy full of clips.  I looked over and the baggy was empty.
A shoe is obviously a way better place to hold clips than a baggy.
Why hadn't I thought of that before??

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Best Hair Ever"

The grass is always greener, right?
Lo always gets so many compliments on her beautiful curls, but she's been asking me if I would do her hair straight.
So I did.
I think it's so cute, but she looks SO different!
I'm amazed at how long it is. 
{also at how even it is, considering I'm the only one who's ever trimmed it and I am no professional}

After I was done and it was all sprayed and styled, she couldn't tear herself away from the mirror.  She said, "I love straight hair.  I look just like Giselle - it's the best hair ever". 
I told her that curly hair is beautiful, too, and there are a lot of girls that wish they had hair that was curly like hers.
But she really wasn't listening, because she was way too busy staring at herself :)

And while we're on the subject of hair, here is how Mya walks around most days.  She prefers to wear her headbands backwards and thinks it's super hot.  I think she's just trying to distract from the mullet :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Freckle

My belly button is an inny.  The kind of inny that just looks like a hole in your abdomen.  And when I'm pregnant, as my belly grows, the actual button part of the belly button starts to appear.  It never pops out, just kind of shows up.
Well, this morning as I was slathering tummy butter on myself, I noticed that my button has a little freckle on it.
And I think that's hilarious.
I remember noticing it with my other pregnancies, but also forgot after each one.  Who remembers something like that?
So, since this is going to be my last pregnancy, I thought I'd make a little note for myself.