Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Best Hair Ever"

The grass is always greener, right?
Lo always gets so many compliments on her beautiful curls, but she's been asking me if I would do her hair straight.
So I did.
I think it's so cute, but she looks SO different!
I'm amazed at how long it is. 
{also at how even it is, considering I'm the only one who's ever trimmed it and I am no professional}

After I was done and it was all sprayed and styled, she couldn't tear herself away from the mirror.  She said, "I love straight hair.  I look just like Giselle - it's the best hair ever". 
I told her that curly hair is beautiful, too, and there are a lot of girls that wish they had hair that was curly like hers.
But she really wasn't listening, because she was way too busy staring at herself :)

And while we're on the subject of hair, here is how Mya walks around most days.  She prefers to wear her headbands backwards and thinks it's super hot.  I think she's just trying to distract from the mullet :)


Carrie Medford said...

Lo is adorable! Good job! And that Mya...she's such a trend setter. Soon all the girls will be wearing their headbands backwards.

j. said...

oh my gosh, what a coincidence! every morning when i look in the mirror i say "I look just like Giselle!!!" too!


Lindsay said...

Okay as I kept looking back at the picture during reading I was thinking to myself, "Does she really keep that headband right where it's been perfectly placed?" "Did Kirstie take the picture IMMEDIATLY after placing the headband so it would look perfect?" Because she looks so cute and I'm having some serious headband perfection envy right now. Brooklyn LOVES them. But like Mya she is headband challenged.

#1 She calls them hairbands. I've started to also and get confused which one it REALLY is and people look at me funny now when I say it.

#2 She wears it just like Mya except flipped down over her eyes. What the Jordi la Forge!?! My daughter's a trekki and thinks she looks SO beautiful that way. Why can't she just look like Lo? Geez!!!

The Byers Family said...

I had a long comment all typed up about how young Lo looks in these pics and maybe the pic on my phone looks older just because it's on my phone and then I mentioned how I loved it both ways and thought it was funny that she told me red hair is the best and she wants red hair (note to self here... Get red hair spray/goop to put in Lo's hair for whenever we have our sleepover but make sure it's the washable stuff so her parents don't kill me) and then I mentioned something about how I love it that Mya has her own sense of style and doesn't really care that everyone else except for Lindsay's daughter Brooklyn thinks it's crazy. But my stupid computer kicked out my comment without saving it and so now I'll just say... I LOVE YOUR GIRLS!

Jennie-O said...

that IS the best hair ever! She looks adorable and I love that she loved it so much. You're a good mommy to do that for her. How many more times have you done it since then? :) I know that when M finds a new "hair-do" she won't stop wanting me to do it again and again.

Holly Strong said...

Wow, Lo looks super grown up with straight hair. Ady begs me to make her hair straight too, but it's nearly impossible...she has so much more than she used to. She also asks to have it look like Lexi's but I tell her that they have different hair and it's both beautiful.