Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Venting a Bit

I just need to vent a bit today. I love Lauren, Lolo, Lo, whatever, more than anything, but will she ever just shut her mouth? I'm not even joking, she has not stopped talking, actually, kind of yelling ALL DAY LONG! She began her day in her bed talking, and it has continued throughout, stopped a little during nap time (only an hour and a half) and then started up again when she woke up. And I have no doubt that it will continue solidly until she talks herself to sleep, which she does every night.
I was EXTREMELY happy when Bryan got home, because that meant I got to come downstairs and work in the peace and quiet of my little office - doors closed - and my Ipod. He came down a few minutes ago and asked me what was wrong with my daughter because she just won't stop. He's only been home for an hour!!!!
I don't think people understand that it is honestly like one continuous sentence after another, with barely enough time in between to take a small 2-year old breath. Today she has told me about how B Mya needs to take a nap about 50 times, about Hobby Lobby (I think she just likes to say the words), Daisy, Daisy sit, Daisy sit down, Daisy sit down now, needing a kiss from Daisy, needing a kiss from me, needing a kiss from B Mya, Daddy's working, Daddy's home, doggy needs her brush, doggy needs to take a nap, doggy needs a b, Mommy's cleaning, Mommy's still cleaning, Mommy's cleaning the floor, wanna help Mommy with the laundry, here's the laundry, I want some water, I want some water, I want some water Mommy, thank you for my water........and it just goes on and on and on. The above really is a good example of about 30 seconds listening to her. I know she gets this trait from me, I'm not fooling myself here, and it makes me feel for my parents - sorry guys, could you let me know when it stops? Lauren, I love you, but could you PLEASE just be quiet long enough for me to gather my thoughts?????
I'm trying to remind myself that I am VERY lucky to have such a smart little girl, and at least I can understand every single word she's saying. I was told that it's a really good sign that she talks so much at such a young age, and I am very proud of her vocabulary. It would probably be harder if it were gibberish that I had difficulty deciphering. I really do think she just says every thought that enters into her curly little head. Oh well, I guess it's better than a kid that vegges in front of the TV and doesn't say a word, right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sad, But Cute

I have to post this before I forget.....because I most definitely will.
A few minutes ago (it's 6:00 am) Lauren just started screaming for me in her room. I ran in there, thinking she had a nightmare, or something because she NEVER screams and cries like that in the middle of the night (or in the wee hours of the morning).
When I got to her bed I asked her what was wrong.
"I just, I just need a kiss" she said with tears streaming down her face.
So I gladly gave her one.
I love that little girl!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lazy Daisy

When I work in the mornings, I pass through the play room to get to my office. Bryan was up before me today (shocker!) and just let Daisy go back downstairs after he left. So this is how I found her when I came down to work this morning - all snuggled up in Lauren's Tinkerbell "big chair". Apparently she thinks it's her dog bed - notice the dolly laying next to her. And she will not budge from it! I haven't tried too hard to get her out of it, because I think it's hilarious, but she'll definitely have to find a new bed to curl up in before Lo comes down today....I'm pretty sure she would be livid if she saw this! Guess I'd better find my lint roller. Enjoy it while it lasts, dog, because you'll be kicked out very shortly!

Monday, January 12, 2009

When Daddy's in Charge

Here are some of things one might find around our house when Daddy's in charge.
Lolo practicing on the "bitar" while Dad plays Rock Band
Daddy sleeping in the hut he and Lo made. It was a pretty boring hut this time - just a blanket supported by the recliner on one side and 2 dining room chairs on the other.
Mya sideways in her bouncer staring at the Daisy who is periodically licking her entire face in one shot because of her huge, disgusting tongue.
I never find bad things when I come upstairs after working, just interesting things like this. Sometimes I think I should blindfold myself before I come up to help enhance the surprise - because there's always something. He's such a cute daddy, and our girls just love him so much!

Dear B Mya

Dear B Mya,
I just want you to know that now matter how difficult you are, I love you very much. The people who say you are difficult, a terror, hard, yada yada yada, don't get to see this face very often, but I see it every day. I see it every morning (sometimes earlier than I'd like) staring up at me from your crib, just so happy to be awake and seeing me. I see it after every nap, and lots of times in between. I know that you're just particular, and that you may not always be the happiest of children, but I don't care. You are still my fat baby girl, and I wouldn't trade you for anything. So don't listen when everyone talks about how hard you are (even when it's sometimes me), it doesn't matter - I just hope you don't let it hurt your feelings (because sometimes it hurts mine). They still love you. Remember that I love you, I know you, and that's what matters. You can cry and be difficult all you want, but how I feel about you will never change. Just show this sweet smile to them too, and their hearts will melt just like mine does every single time, and they will forget just how much of a pain you can be and focus on this.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Negotiations Have Begun

Every parent of a toddler knows that getting them to eat is a constant battle. I shouldn't say every, because I know there are a few fortunate souls out there. Well, it's a battle for me, anyway, every single stinking day. We've worked it out where I basically give Lauren whatever she wants for lunch (grilled cheese, nuggetts, mac & cheese) and she either eats what I cook for dinner or she gets nothing. She usually chooses nothing. But yesterday we had a breakthrough!!
She didn't want to eat any of the casserole that I made, which made me kind of bummed because it was just tater tot casserole. What 2 year old wouldn't want to eat tater tot casserole? Anyway, she didn't want to eat it, she wanted fruit snacks. So I told her that if she ate a bite she could have some. One bite, that's all. She kept says no, and that she wanted fruit snacks. Bryan, who is a big softy/pushover, wanted to give in, but I reminded him that we need to be consistant or she will never learn. She would put some in her mouth and then spit it out - I don't know if she thought that would get her a pass or what. After about 3 minutes of "negotiating" with her, she finally picked up the spoon, put some in her mouth, and swallowed. I was shocked!! It worked!! We are finally to the point of being able to maybe reason with the child! There is a small, tiny light at the end of this tunnell!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Racklette New Year's Eve

You're probably wondering "what the heck is Racklette"? So was I until New Year's Eve.
We decided to have an old people party at our house this year since we didn't get a babysitter, and since our friends are equally as old and lame as us :). The original idea was to just order pizza and get some snacks, play Rock Band, maybe have a little bit of Brittney Spears dance party, you know, the usual. But when Bryan told Greg about our pizza idea the night before, Greg was not very pleased, seeing that he had pizza for lunch that day. Heaven forbid we eat pizza 2 days in a row, so that's when he threw out the Racklette idea. Bryan told me it was kind of like fondue, (he had it in Switzerland and said it was really good) and the response from Greg on the other end of the phone was "it's not like fondue!!" But I digress.
Here is the picture of the Racklette grill - you grill meat (chicken, steak, sausage) on the top, and underneath are these little trays that you melt cheeses in. I know we had ghoudda, but don't ask me the other kind of cheese. All I know was it was good. Anyway, you take the cooked meat and potatoes and some bread and scrape your melted cheese on top of it. It was divine! It was really, really good, and totally topped my pizza idea. Good job, Greg.

Here is Jess enjoying some chicken - enjoying or afraid of, I'm not quite sure.

Shawna played with Mikayla and Lauren in the basement and helped keep them entertained for a while - thanks Shawna, you're so cute with the little ones!
Mikayla and Lo played with the kitchen/food forever! They loved giving everyone hot dogs and fries all night long. Lo went to bed around 10, but Mikayla was a trooper and made it all the way to midnight - how she did it without being a terror is a mystery to me. She's so cute!

Oooh, they look so cute and in love, our little Greggy and Jess
Annie and Shawna were partying it up with the DS's they got for Christmas - don't they look like they are having a super fun time????
Sadly enough those are the only pictures I got of New Year's - I seriously slacked off on camera duty!! I don't know what I was doing, but it obviously didn't involve taking pictures. So thank you to Ty & Jennie for bringing a grill and taking care of all of the food (so yummy), Erik & Heidi for bringing another grill and providing some serious vocals on the Rock Band, Greg & Jess for the Racklette idea and for being oh so entertaining, Clay & Lindsay for bringing something healthy amongst all of the junk and being able to see you after so long, Darrell & Sharalee & Annie & Shawna for bringing popples and loving my girls (and a special thanks to Darrell for scaring the crap out of the kids every chance he gets - it keeps things interesting).
We love you all, and I'm so glad everyone came and made our lame New Year's not so lame :)

Goodbye 2008

2008 was an interesting year for us - our busiest ever! Here are a few of our "goodbye/hello" moments from the year:
Goodbye crawling...
Hello mobility!!
Bye bye Crus Corvi...

Hello New House!

So long to one baby....

And hello to another :)

This last year has been so full of challenges and changes! Moving (twice), the interesting second pregnancy, adjusting to life with 2 children and working from home. We've found out which of our friends are really there for us no matter what, and who is, let's say "fairweather". I learned so much about myself and about Bryan - who knew he was so incredibly handy! I've watched Lauren grow into a full blown crazy toddler and have loved (almost) every minute of it. I found that no matter how many children you have, you have more than enough love in your heart to go around. I learned to embrace change and to look forward to what comes next, even though it can be incredibly scary sometimes. Every sacrifice Bryan and I have made in the last year has been more than worth it, and we've made our fair share of them :). I don't know if I can say that I'll necessarily miss 2008 - I'm definitely ready for 2009.
So here's to 2009 - may you be a funner, quiter, calmer year with no pregnancies (in this family), more laughs, less use of power tools, more time with family and friends! And of course, more cowbell :)