Friday, January 2, 2009

A Racklette New Year's Eve

You're probably wondering "what the heck is Racklette"? So was I until New Year's Eve.
We decided to have an old people party at our house this year since we didn't get a babysitter, and since our friends are equally as old and lame as us :). The original idea was to just order pizza and get some snacks, play Rock Band, maybe have a little bit of Brittney Spears dance party, you know, the usual. But when Bryan told Greg about our pizza idea the night before, Greg was not very pleased, seeing that he had pizza for lunch that day. Heaven forbid we eat pizza 2 days in a row, so that's when he threw out the Racklette idea. Bryan told me it was kind of like fondue, (he had it in Switzerland and said it was really good) and the response from Greg on the other end of the phone was "it's not like fondue!!" But I digress.
Here is the picture of the Racklette grill - you grill meat (chicken, steak, sausage) on the top, and underneath are these little trays that you melt cheeses in. I know we had ghoudda, but don't ask me the other kind of cheese. All I know was it was good. Anyway, you take the cooked meat and potatoes and some bread and scrape your melted cheese on top of it. It was divine! It was really, really good, and totally topped my pizza idea. Good job, Greg.

Here is Jess enjoying some chicken - enjoying or afraid of, I'm not quite sure.

Shawna played with Mikayla and Lauren in the basement and helped keep them entertained for a while - thanks Shawna, you're so cute with the little ones!
Mikayla and Lo played with the kitchen/food forever! They loved giving everyone hot dogs and fries all night long. Lo went to bed around 10, but Mikayla was a trooper and made it all the way to midnight - how she did it without being a terror is a mystery to me. She's so cute!

Oooh, they look so cute and in love, our little Greggy and Jess
Annie and Shawna were partying it up with the DS's they got for Christmas - don't they look like they are having a super fun time????
Sadly enough those are the only pictures I got of New Year's - I seriously slacked off on camera duty!! I don't know what I was doing, but it obviously didn't involve taking pictures. So thank you to Ty & Jennie for bringing a grill and taking care of all of the food (so yummy), Erik & Heidi for bringing another grill and providing some serious vocals on the Rock Band, Greg & Jess for the Racklette idea and for being oh so entertaining, Clay & Lindsay for bringing something healthy amongst all of the junk and being able to see you after so long, Darrell & Sharalee & Annie & Shawna for bringing popples and loving my girls (and a special thanks to Darrell for scaring the crap out of the kids every chance he gets - it keeps things interesting).
We love you all, and I'm so glad everyone came and made our lame New Year's not so lame :)


j. said...

hahaha! where to start?

those are awful pictures of me..i totally look like a clus...(was i just going to say that?)

anywho, i still love them. and especially g's face in the second one. he kills me.

we love you guys & we loved new years ROCKIN eve together. why is it that i always have fun with you? i think it has something to do with the fact that you will do the "kick dance" with me in honor of 2009. not many people will. and that, my little lady, is why i love you.

oh, and at least you took 3 pictures. i took none.

we had a blast & i kind of wish we did this like once a month instead of once a year. see you soon, okay?

Hagbloms said...

We had so much fun! Thanks so much for the invite-or wait, I think we invited ourselves. But I'm going to have to say there needs to be a repeat soon!
I can't believe I did not bring my camera. Total loser.

Hagbloms said...
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Hagbloms said...
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Hagbloms said...
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The Byers Family said...

If nothing else we need to get together to show Lindsay how to comment! LOL! Just kidding! (Especially since I've had the same problem b4!) Anyway, I had a blast and the Raclette was delicious! I found that target sells them so I'm buying one! Might be a fun Sunday dinner thing at Moms!

Jennie-O said...

Thanks for having us over. The party was totally ROCKIN'!! Can you believe M made it all the way to midnight.

Heidi said...

I had a blast!! And, I'm glad that my friends aren't afraid to do "old" people stuff ... because, hey ... I'm old and tired!!!! Thanks for hosting the party! It was a great time! :)

Lindsay said...

Seriously-what was up with the commenting thing that day? I swear I'm not an idiot! :)

Kinyon Family said...

Sure, sure! Whatever you have to tell yourself :) j/k!!