Friday, February 26, 2010

Singing B

I'm sitting down in the family room this evening, doing a little peeking into the lives of the friends and family who have updated their blogs today.
I always leave my playlist going, because I LOVE my playlist.
I don't care if anyone else does, this is music that touches me in some way.
And I love it.
Anyway, Mya is sitting down on the floor within arm's reach, looking at a book, and as soon as she heard the music I hear "Deeeh, ayaaaaaa, deeeedeee, ananaaaaa".
She's singing.
It is so cute.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Much

OK, let's add stomach flu to the list of recent sicknesses.
Seriously, how much can one little family take?
We've gone seamelssly from 2 cases of pink eye, 2 ear infections, 1 sinus infection, 2 cases of hand foot and mouth disease, and now to all 4 of us having the stomach flu.
I ask you again, HOW MUCH CAN ONE FAMILY TAKE?????
I'm SICK of being stuck in my house.
I'm SICK of having to keep Lauren home from preschool.
I'm SICK of not going to church.
I'm SICK of taking time off work.
I'm SICK of being up all night with sad children.
I'm SICK of going to the doctor's office.
I'm SICK of my girls not being themselves and not able to play.
I'm just SICK of it all right now.
OH, and FYI - pretty sure Mya has pink eye again.
She woke up yesterday morning with one eye sealed shut.
We'll be taking another trip to the doctor's office today, I'm sure.
We wouldn't want to miss a week of that.
That makes, I think, 8 visits in 7 weeks?
I know you're all probably SICK of reading posts about us being SICK.
And, believe you me, I'm SICK of writing them.
Wasn't someone supposed to send the wellness fairy to my house?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Olive Garden
Chick flick
McSteamy (shirtless)
Bradley Cooper
Topher Grace (shirtless)
Ashton Kutcher
Large DC
4 of my favorite women
Missed you Lindsay!
So what I needed :)

Thanks Jennie, Jess, Amina, and Heidi
Don't you love that our boys chose to marry such awesome gals?
I sure do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today is the 3 year anniversary of when Bryan, Lauren, and I were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. I'm not going to post a big thing about it, because I did it last year. But what is different this year is that my Grandpa Strong, who performed the sealing, passed away in August.
I sometimes still can't believe that I had the privilege to be related to such an amazing man. He is everything a patriarch of a family should be.
And to be able to have him perform our sealing was so incredibly special.
So this is a good day, full of good memories, but with a little hint of sadness. Not too much, just a little.
Because I know what I know, and that is why it's not too sad.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Kind of Like Pomade, Right?

At the moment I'm trying to pick clumps of children's Motrin out of my hair.
In an attempt to bring down a 102.6 fever in Lo (who now also has Hand Foot and Mouth), I tried convincing her nicely to take the medicine. Explaining it would help her feel "not on fire" (she says she feels on fire, and I'm sure she does).
She wouldn't take it, so I kind of forced her to take it, because she NEEDS to take it.
Crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks, she drank the little cup as I held her, trying to make her feel better.
I thought she had swallowed, and then she let out a big sob.
Thus spitting Motrin all over my hair and face.
Happy President's Day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keeping Our Pediatrician in Business

OK, so I know I haven't been writing the most positive things lately. But I'm sorry - things aren't so positive around our home right now.
I just got back from taking Mya to the pediatrician. Again.
This is our 5th visit to his office in the last 4 weeks (3 for B, 2 for Lo)
We've had 2 cases of pink eye, 2 ear infections, 1 sinus infection, and now one case of mouth sores (I was told it's the "mouth" part of Hand Foot and Mouth disease).
Mya woke up with a fever of 102.6 this morning and I immediately started to cry, because she's STILL on antibiotics!
I don't know what else to do! We've all but quarantined our family for the last month, and now this? This extremely contagious to children illness? Really?
And she's the one who seemed to be getting better the quickest.
Bryan got a cold a few weeks ago, but it's been really strange. It comes and goes - some days he has a sore throat, some days a cough, and some days just sinus pressure. Finally he went to the Instacare this week, where he was told they think it's something viral, but prescribed antibiotics anyway. I made him fill the prescription and start taking it yesterday because I'm so sick of sicknesses that I just might stab myself in the neck with a fork. Seriously.
Anyway, so, friends, ward members, and family, if you think we have just fallen off the face of the planet or become extreme homebodies, that isn't the case.
There's nothing I want more right now than to NOT be at home!!!!
Anyway, and a brief shout out to my wonderful friend who so willingly took Lauren to her preschool field trip today so that I could take Mya to the doctor. Thanks so much Kalisa - I'm so glad she didn't have to miss out on that!
Please, please, can someone summon the wellness fairies and send them to my house? We are in desperate need!

Friday, February 5, 2010

First, no Second Valentine's Day

Taking this from BreeAnn's blog - such a cute idea! She posted a cute memory of her & her hubby's first V-Day date. Sadly, I don't remember our first Valentine's Day, but I'll tell you about our second, because it's embarrassingly memorable.
So we had been dating for a year and a half, which by Utah standards is just unheard of, and I was really, really, REALLY wanting to be engaged. I mean, come on! A year and a half, seeing eachother every single day, knowing we were going to get married, but for some reason Bryan just couldn't pull the trigger.
He started off by having amazing roses delivered to my work (truly amazing).
I remember it raining, and I can't remember where we went to dinner, but I do remember he picked me up in his little beater Nissan pickup (I'm thinking we had reservations somewhere downtown, that truck was much easier to find parking for than his big Ford), and I ran out to the truck as soon as he got to my house so that he didn't have to get out in the rain.
On the seat was a little black box. The kind of box that holds a ring. And it said Massey's Jewelers on it, where we had been very recently to look at rings.
My heart skipped a beat, I got nervous, and started thinking "Is this it? He's really going to propose to me like this? Driving on our way to dinner, just leaving the box on the seat of the truck? WHAT???" It just didn't seem like how he would do it. It wasn't Bryan.
Wellllll, he didn't.
It was diamond earrings.
I had this internal struggle of emotions:
Disappointed that it wasn't an engagement ring, and relieved that he wasn't proposing like that.
He could tell I was being a little weird.
So I explained to him that I LOVED the earrings, but it's just mean to give your girlfriend who wants to get married soooooo badly a little black box on Valentine's Day that DOESN'T hold an engagement ring.
He immediately said "Do you think I would propose like THAT??".
See, I knew that wasn't him.
So that's my most memorable Valentine's Day memory with Bryan, and I still think back on it and laugh.
Silly me :)
We've had a total of 8, almost 9 Valentine's Days together, and each one has been different and amazing.
Here's to countless roses, Treasures, homemade fettucine alfredo, diamond earrings, and an almost proposal!

And now I'd love to hear about a memorable Valentine's Day with the loves of your lives!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's been way too long since I posted pictures. So now you get them all at once, yippee!
Here's what's been going on here at Casa de Kinyon:
Practicing for Girls Gone Wild

Lots of sisterly love (that usually ends up with both girls on the ground giggling uncontrollably)
Princess somersaults

Pretty pink necklaces

Perfecting the scowl

Going to the Aquarium with friends

Learning to dance with Daddy

Discovering how to appropriately zone out to the new favorite movie (Monsters Vs. Aliens)
And, unfortunately, lots of pink eye