Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today is the 3 year anniversary of when Bryan, Lauren, and I were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. I'm not going to post a big thing about it, because I did it last year. But what is different this year is that my Grandpa Strong, who performed the sealing, passed away in August.
I sometimes still can't believe that I had the privilege to be related to such an amazing man. He is everything a patriarch of a family should be.
And to be able to have him perform our sealing was so incredibly special.
So this is a good day, full of good memories, but with a little hint of sadness. Not too much, just a little.
Because I know what I know, and that is why it's not too sad.


j. said...

so sweet. being there was such an incredible experience for me- i will forever be grateful you let us watch.


Our Family to Yours... said...

Hello - I don't know you. I too have a blog and went to look at my last post about the loss of my mother-in-law this Valentine's day. A few things made me visit your page as I was clicking "Next Blog" for something to do. One was the owls on your page...I have twins boys, one of which when I see owls I think of him. So, I clicked on the link for where you got your background. While doing that I heard music. The song made me cry: "Hear You Me" Jimmy Eat World. Then I read the post about your Grandfather...
I don't know... I usually don't post on blogs for those I do not know. But that song ... it was beautiful and I wanted to thank you.