Friday, February 5, 2010

First, no Second Valentine's Day

Taking this from BreeAnn's blog - such a cute idea! She posted a cute memory of her & her hubby's first V-Day date. Sadly, I don't remember our first Valentine's Day, but I'll tell you about our second, because it's embarrassingly memorable.
So we had been dating for a year and a half, which by Utah standards is just unheard of, and I was really, really, REALLY wanting to be engaged. I mean, come on! A year and a half, seeing eachother every single day, knowing we were going to get married, but for some reason Bryan just couldn't pull the trigger.
He started off by having amazing roses delivered to my work (truly amazing).
I remember it raining, and I can't remember where we went to dinner, but I do remember he picked me up in his little beater Nissan pickup (I'm thinking we had reservations somewhere downtown, that truck was much easier to find parking for than his big Ford), and I ran out to the truck as soon as he got to my house so that he didn't have to get out in the rain.
On the seat was a little black box. The kind of box that holds a ring. And it said Massey's Jewelers on it, where we had been very recently to look at rings.
My heart skipped a beat, I got nervous, and started thinking "Is this it? He's really going to propose to me like this? Driving on our way to dinner, just leaving the box on the seat of the truck? WHAT???" It just didn't seem like how he would do it. It wasn't Bryan.
Wellllll, he didn't.
It was diamond earrings.
I had this internal struggle of emotions:
Disappointed that it wasn't an engagement ring, and relieved that he wasn't proposing like that.
He could tell I was being a little weird.
So I explained to him that I LOVED the earrings, but it's just mean to give your girlfriend who wants to get married soooooo badly a little black box on Valentine's Day that DOESN'T hold an engagement ring.
He immediately said "Do you think I would propose like THAT??".
See, I knew that wasn't him.
So that's my most memorable Valentine's Day memory with Bryan, and I still think back on it and laugh.
Silly me :)
We've had a total of 8, almost 9 Valentine's Days together, and each one has been different and amazing.
Here's to countless roses, Treasures, homemade fettucine alfredo, diamond earrings, and an almost proposal!

And now I'd love to hear about a memorable Valentine's Day with the loves of your lives!


Jennie said...

What a great story! We don't have any. I wish we did. But we don't. We're totally unromantic...

BreeAnn said...

I love it! So cute!

The Byers Family said...

I didn't know that had happened! What a great story! I'm glad he finally popped the question and that the proposal story is better then just leaving the box on the seat of the truck for you! Here's to many many more Valentine memories to come! Hopefully they're all full of great love stories!

j. said...

diamond earrings?! bryan! so fly!

loved this memory- i'll definitely post mine too.

and have i mentioned how much i love & adore you, kierst? thank you for your support over the past couple months- you are officially on my "what would i ever do without her?!" list.


Kristy said...

That is funny! And can you share that fettucine alfredo recipe??? :)I LOVE alfredo!

Lindsay said...

So funny! I would totally have responded the same way. That IS how my dad gave the ring to my mom. Classy. She took it out and put it on herself. Thankfully he's learned to be a bit more romantic since that. What a nut!
I'm so sorry you all have been sick. Please don't stab yourself in the neck with a fork. I'm dry heaving thinking about it. Wellness fairies have officially been wished your way!