Friday, February 26, 2010

Singing B

I'm sitting down in the family room this evening, doing a little peeking into the lives of the friends and family who have updated their blogs today.
I always leave my playlist going, because I LOVE my playlist.
I don't care if anyone else does, this is music that touches me in some way.
And I love it.
Anyway, Mya is sitting down on the floor within arm's reach, looking at a book, and as soon as she heard the music I hear "Deeeh, ayaaaaaa, deeeedeee, ananaaaaa".
She's singing.
It is so cute.


Natalie Strong said...

Wish I could hear her sing sometime, but everytime she sees me, she cries. Thanks Mya, you really know how to do wonders for my ego.

The Byers Family said...

I just love when they hit these milestones! Right now it's dang cute but too soon she will be belting out tik tok or some other hidious song and you'll be wondering where your sweet singing B went!

Jen said...

I love my playlist! I always leave my blog open, just so I can hear it!