Tuesday, March 2, 2010


2:15 pm

Have already been to:

Sam's Club

Have made:

Dinner for 2 nights for my family
Dinner for pregnant neighbor
Carmelitas for pregnant neighbor

Also have:

Cleaned up messy kitchen/children

I feel very accomplished today
Especially considering I was up all night (literally)
With what I HOPE is just a teething toddler, who screamed the entire time we were at most of those places.

Now it's nap time for the kids
And work time for me

My house is quiet
And I am so relaxed and content :)


j. said...

you are wonder woman! truly. you rock my world, misses. and with a screaming child in tow? you deserve an award.

can i give my accomplished list? yes? thanks!

accomplished: 3:59 pm
-special k & oj
-made my bed
-tv/homework/mostly tv
-blog stalk
-fell asleep in class
-contemplated skipping next class
-diet coke

i am wonder woman, too?

Carrie Medford said...

Holy cow! You are superwoman! I wish I could do that much in one day. I would sure feel accomplished.

Jennie-O said...

good for you, and such a good attitude after a horrible night. I bet you're so glad to be "out and about" again. I hope your kiddos are feeling better and Mya's teeth come in soon! :)