Friday, March 19, 2010


When you're first married, you start to notice strange things that your spouse does.
Things you never knew before, because you didn't live together.
These things aren't big things.
They're small, strange things that you find very odd.
Things that make absolutely no sense to you.
Here is just one of many I discovered about the love of my life.
When we would brush our teeth at night, I would get out the toothpaste, remove the cap, and start to brush.
Bryan would hurry and start brushing his teeth, trying to steal my water.
This turned into a little game.
Then I would put the cap back on the toothpaste and put it away.
Next morning, I would get up, brush my teeth, put the cap back on, and leave it on the counter for Bryan who was getting up in a few minutes.
Came home from work, noticed the toothpaste still on the counter.
Wondered why it wasn't put away.
Over the next few weeks, started to notice weird things about the toothpaste and started doing a little experiment.
Discovered that however I left the toothpaste was how Bryan left it.
If it was in the drawer when he went to brush his teeth, then back into the drawer it would go.
If I left it in the counter with the cap on, he would leave it on the counter with the cap on.
On the counter with the cap off, he would leave it on the counter, cap off.
I have brought this to his attention.
He swears he doesn't do it.
It's been 6.5 years, and he still does it.
He did it just this morning.
I find this extremely strange, but I think if he were to be gone tomorrow, I would miss this weird little querk.
What oddity have you discovered about your significant other?


Natalie Strong said...

I think I have to find a significant other first, then I will attempt to answer this question.

j. said...

querks? what querks?

it is considered odd that he refuses to go to sleep with ANY sort of product in his hair?

or that he will only let the most delicate & sensitive of lotions/face washes/ soaps touch his skin?

or that he INSISTS on sleeping with his right leg "popped to the side"??

or that he always has to bounce his feet when they aren't touching the ground?

g isn't querky AT ALL! nope.

Jennie said...

That's funny. I wonder... does Bryan actually USE toothpaste??? You know the olsen boys - so many qerks - ankle rolling, foot shaking, anti-face touching, etc. The biggest one to me is every time T is focused on something he'll rub his bottom lip with his right index finger over and over and over until I think his lip will fall off!

Lindsay said...

That's so funny.

I have discovered oh so many! But you're right, I would totally miss them all. Many of his actually have to do with brushing teeth as well.

BreeAnn said...

Tyler has to use a clean towel EVERY day. He can't use the same towel twice in a row, and once he is done with his wet towel he sets it on top of the DRY towels I have on his sink. This drives me insane, and I ask him why he puts his wet towel on his dry towels and he never has a correct answer for me. I too, would miss this quirk though.