Monday, January 12, 2009

When Daddy's in Charge

Here are some of things one might find around our house when Daddy's in charge.
Lolo practicing on the "bitar" while Dad plays Rock Band
Daddy sleeping in the hut he and Lo made. It was a pretty boring hut this time - just a blanket supported by the recliner on one side and 2 dining room chairs on the other.
Mya sideways in her bouncer staring at the Daisy who is periodically licking her entire face in one shot because of her huge, disgusting tongue.
I never find bad things when I come upstairs after working, just interesting things like this. Sometimes I think I should blindfold myself before I come up to help enhance the surprise - because there's always something. He's such a cute daddy, and our girls just love him so much!


j. said...

i think forts are pretty freaking sweet!

mya got her ears pierced! did i not notice on new years eve? when was this? how did she do? and how was this weekend? i was sad we couldnt make it, but g said you guys were already on your way when we both got home from work. booooo!

j. said...

bryan would make fun of that jacket? really? haha k, i will tell g! :)

although, he probably wouldn't make fun of it if he saw it in person. it is pretty much the most basic wear-to-work jacket in the world. dark grey, zips all the way down the front, two pockets for your hands, completely standard & simple. tell bry he is a weirdo!

i don't think we have plans yet this weekend. we are totally up for playing, if you guys want to. not sure if you are painting this weekend, though. if not, give us a ring. too bad last weekend's dinner wasn't happening this weekend instead. now we are free & then we were sooo busy (does that make sense)? anyways, want to see you!

and tell mya i am so sorry i didn't notice her bling! what a bad bad lady i am. i still love her, though.

j. said...

and how come you feel the need to approve my comments before posting? don't trust me? are you afraid i am going to say something like "bryan & kierst have hot, kinky SEX all night long!!"

c'mon, you know i would NEVER do that!!

hot. kinky. sex.

Kristy said...

Thanks for the cute comment. It's nice to know that other babies don't crawl or walk by 9 months old. Brian is hilarious in these pics and I totally think daddies are the most creative when left in charge! Thus, the pic I received at work of Hailey in camo, holding a bow and arrow! BTW, we used to make forts all the time when we were little, but the heavy things that we used to hold the blankets up, would always fall on our heads. Like my mom's antique iron collection, lucky we didn't get knocked out!

Jay and Kristy said...

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BreeAnn said...

ah yes freezer meals. The only problem with that is that i have nowhere to put them! No extra freezer. Hey have you ever thought about starting a blog for the Enrcichment activities? some of my friends who are in different relief society positions in thier wards started blogs, and I think they come in handy...just an idea...