Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Freckle

My belly button is an inny.  The kind of inny that just looks like a hole in your abdomen.  And when I'm pregnant, as my belly grows, the actual button part of the belly button starts to appear.  It never pops out, just kind of shows up.
Well, this morning as I was slathering tummy butter on myself, I noticed that my button has a little freckle on it.
And I think that's hilarious.
I remember noticing it with my other pregnancies, but also forgot after each one.  Who remembers something like that?
So, since this is going to be my last pregnancy, I thought I'd make a little note for myself.


Lindsay said...

Hahaha! I love it! That's so cute that it occasionally makes an appearance. Sounds like a shy little freckle.:)

j. said...

i found something disturbing on button when it popped. leftover from BIRTH. i operated on myself to remove it. tmi?!

The Byers Family said...

First, I think I threw up a little at Jessica's comment... DISGUSTING! and Second, I think it's a hairy mole and not a freckle ;)