Thursday, February 24, 2011

28 Weeks

I finally remembered to take a belly shot of myself!
Exciting, I know.

Well, it's kind of exciting for me, because this is the cutest pregnant belly I've had with any of my pregnancies.  And yes, I think pregnant bellies can be cute, but normally mine don't look like this.
So here I am, 28 weeks, healthy baby kicking away - we're still assuming it's a girl {I say this because since the 16 week ultrasound I have had 3 others and this child refuses to show us the goods again}
So since this pregnancy has been so incredibly different, I'm refusing to take the tags off of things I've bought and order the bedding I want.
Because we all know someone who had an ultrasound, was told it was a girl, and come delivery day - SURPRISE!  It's a boy.
So, in 2 weeks I'm having yet another ultrasound and hopefully the jelly doughnut I eat beforehand will make this kid move around enough to get a clear shot.
I appreciate modesty in my children, but COME ON!!!


j. said...

Shiz, you're cute. Enjoy the darling belly. I know I should be all like "Hooray pre-pregnancy jeans!" But the truth is I kind of miss my belly! You look hot.

Lindsay said...

I'm excited too! I love it! What a dang cute preg belly! Sheesh girl! Maybe HE just wants a jelly donut. You know what they say,"The way to a man's heart....." I say order the bedding and will him to be a boy!

Jennie-O said...

you look so cute with your little pregnant belly. I hope this next ultrasound goes well and you can see the baby's "goods". But selfish me still hopes you're having a girl :)

Jennie said...

LOVE the belly. You're so stylish!

Tiffany said...

Cute belly!

KKandKoKo said...

That is one cute pregnant belly! I hope mine looks that cute! Has it been confirmed yet for BOY or GIRL?