Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes, I'm a Whiner

You know those days when you feel so completely overwhelmed with your life that you just feel like your brain is going to explode and you cry at the drop of a hat?
That's today.
Yes, I know my life could be much, much, much worse.
And I know my hormones are at a slightly heightened level.
But I feel like any minute I'm going to literally crumble to pieces.
Can I just get rid of work, school, callings, laundry, housework, just any and all things not relaxing for about a year?
That would be great.
I'm going to go and cry some more now.
And maybe throw a tantrum on my floor because I'm the mom and I can.


Lindsay said...

Love you! I completely have those days too. I had an entire week "on strike" just last week in fact. I was so pleasant. HA! Sometimes it all just gets to overload level. Crying it out is a great idea. Hope you feel better soon!

Jennie said...

Yes! You totally can. I drop off the face of the earth during the last few months of pregnancy and I hate everyone and everything. I couldn't squirm out of work, but I did everything else. It felt GREAT!