Thursday, January 21, 2010


All of a sudden, Mya is starting to talk like crazy.....and some of it actually makes sense.
Here is a (short) list of her words:

Isss Yucky
Oh no
Go get it (my personal fave)

The little stinker is getting so big so fast! She's learning how to communicate, to tell me what she wants, and I love it. We're starting to have a much easier, more peaceful coexistence.
When she wants a drink, she walks to the fridge and points to the water dispenser, and to the pantry when she wants a snack. And when I get it, she trots right over to her high chair.
She insists on always wearing shoes (I think she's realized that it makes her life easier....hardwood + socks = disaster).
She still is stubborn as can be, but with her developing personality I think it more hilarious than frustrating these days.
There certainly is no child like B.
Oh, and you should see her shake her $$ maker.
Her dance moves are second to none :)


Jennie said...

I agree about her dance moves! They are awesome! She is growing up so fast. p.s. I love reading Lo's funny statements - she's got quite the personality! :)

j. said...

let's get together so i can hear some of this in person.

love you & miss you.


The Linnett Log said...

I didn't realize that our girls were so close in age. Kortnee is only 3 weeks older than Mya. We should get them together!

Holly Strong said...

AWESOME!!! I still can't get Benno to say more than Mama. Though we have some sign language down, that saves my sanity. I wish Benno would wear, socks, shoes anything on his feet...he pulls it all matter how cold it is. PS, crazy bloody lip post. Poor Mama!