Monday, September 20, 2010

Cabin Leaves

We went up to the cabin this last weekend, and wow.  The leaves were incredible!  It seems every year when we try to go see the fall leaves, we are either too early or too late.
Well, this year it was perfect.
The view from the deck
The weather was beautiful, and we had so much fun.  I'm so sad they will all be gone the next time we go up there, but I'm so glad we got to enjoy them!
I'm so ready for summer to be over.  I'm ready for jackets, boots, soup and bread bowls.  For the smell the heater makes the first time it gets cold enough to turn on at night.
Isn't it wonderful - when you start to get sick of one season, another one begins.  Let's hope we get some good fall this year instead of just going straight to winter, right?


Jennie-O said...

that looks awesome! I can't believe all the red leaves. You guys must LOVE being able to be up there - it's gorgeous!

j. said...

gorgeous!!! AHHH!! FALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

BreeAnn said...

Love those leaves! how fun! I too am SO ready for fall!

Burnside Family said...

Thanks for sahring. I am bummed we won;t make it up to see them befor they are gone. (I guess there is always next year and many more to come)

Matt & Staci said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

ST said...

Great pictures!