Monday, June 15, 2009

Million to One Shot, Doc

This is another story I need to document because it's just that funny. Well, at least it was for those who were there.
We'll start with this.
Never, NEVER throw a plastic ball across the room at your wife when she's not paying attention, thinking you are going to hit her in the chest and blame it on the baby you're holding. Never do it because you might just smack your unsuspecting wife in the eye, no, eyeBALL (the eye was open).
This happened last night at Bryan's mom's house. I was just sitting there, watching the Next Food Network Star, minding my own business, when I got smacked in the OPEN eye with a stupid plastic ball. My first though was "What the...", next thought as I looked at Bryan "Did he just????"
I laughed, because it was funny (when isn't it funny when someone gets hit and doesn't brace themselves for it???), and then the pain hit me and I started to cry. Bryan tried to come over and I put up my hand in warning - I was restraining myself from punching him as hard as I could where it would count.
I got up and walked to the bathroom, just needing a minute and some serious tissues.
The best part was right as I closed the door I heard my BIL Mat burst into laughter. He had obviously been holding back while I was in the room, which I KNOW was not easy :)
Within another couple of minutes I was laughing, too, because it was hilarious, but my eye was watering like crazy. I informed Mat, as he was still laughing uncontrollably, that they were not tears of joy. His response? "These are". Hahahaha
But can someone please help my husband with his aim? I know he's not very athletic, and I know he didn't mistake my eyeball for my chest. So that means he's just a really, really bad aim.
Poor, uncoordinated guy, and poor still stinging eyeball of mine!


Lindsay said...

Oh! Oh! Owwwwwwwww!!! Can you see?

Burnsuego said...

oh man! I'm still laughing and having a hard time typing. it was sooo funny. the most hilarious part was Bryan's face after the huge "SMACK" sound when the ball made contact with your eyeball. Bryan's face was a mixture of "That's so funny", to "That was me that just hit my wife in the eye!". You can't even write a script for that stuff...

The Byers Family said...

BUMMER!! I always miss the funny stuff! Can you do a replay next time I'm around?!?!?! Sounds hilarious!