Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping = Smarshmallows

We finally went camping for the first time this year at Vernon Reservoir.
We were so excited, and didn't tell Lo about it until a couple of days before. And next time I won't be telling her until we are leaving so that I don't hear "We're going camping, gonna roast smarshmallows" ten million times. Apparently camping and smarshmallows are synonymous - if you mention one , she'll talk about the other.
I'll try to refrain from writing a novel about our trip (for once) - but I'm sure it will end up as one in the end.
Lo with her princess fishing pole getting ready to go fishing her first time with Daddy.
How cute is this?
Bryan caught this fish, but if you ask Lauren, she did. He's trying to get her to kiss it - she almost did but chickened out at the last minute.
Daisy almost enjoyed herself. She wasn't allowed in the trailer this time because she's still shedding her winter coat like crazy. She rebelled by tearing the trash bag down from a tree and spreading it through the campsite while we were gone for 5 minutes the second day. When I saw her she seriously looked at me like "You left me, what did you think I would do?"
The crack is making more frequent appearances now that Lauren is wearing panties. Like father, like daughter :)
I've never seen Mya more excited to go to bed in her entire life. I'm not sure how she feels about camping....
Lo all snuggled up in her new princess sleeping bag. The girls slept surprisingly well - it was very nice! We roasted smarshmallows by the fire on the first night - Lauren was not pleased that they were warm and wouldn't eat one. But she did polish off at least 10 un-roasted ones.
We can't wait to go again!!


Jennie-O said...

How fun! I can't wait for our first camping trip as a family... who knows when that will happen :) I love the smarshmallows & that Lo wore big girl panties - that's impressive.

The Byers Family said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had a blast! I wish we had gone with you! Can't wait until our trip planned in July! We need to plan some more!!

Lindsay said...

FUN! Lovin' the crack!

BreeAnn said...

YAy! I am glad you had a good time camping!