Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Riverton.....

Dear Riverton,

I love you. I love your wonderful location, your big lots, your grassy lawns watered with secondary water, and your accessibility to the freeway. But I just have one complaint. What is up with your soil????? Seriously, 2 hours for me to turn under/weed a 3x5 piece of my front flower bed before I gave up and stormed into my house, Bryan laughing as he watched me. I think I almost broke my foot at least twice jumping on the shovel to get approximately 1.5 inches down into the dirt. And no, there were no rocks, and yes, it was sufficiently wet. I'm not a gardener by any means, but never in my life have I seen such crappy, thick, disgusting clay that is supposed to pass as "soil" in the front of my beautiful home. How anything can grow in it is beyond me.
So, Riverton, I will be spending the remainder of this summer attempting to make your stupid soil plantable, because I would love nothing more than to see beautiful flowers in the front of my beautiful new "new house" (I wonder when Lauren will stop calling it new house?), but I don't know how it could possibly happen this year.
Don't worry, I still love you.



Jay and Kristy said...

You are so funny, I am glad you like Riverton, I LOVE it, I'll be living there again one day! Good luck w/ the gardening in the clay! :)

Jensons said...

Why do you think all of out flower beds are covered in bark? You thought we were just lazy didn't you. Well that is true as well, but the soil is really hard here.