Saturday, May 30, 2009

NEW New House

We, well I guess I should say Bryan, finished the outside of our house.
So here is the before

And here is the after!
For some reason the paint color doesn't look that different in the pictures, but it is VERY different in person. No butter cream here, people.
We were so lucky to get such a good deal on the new brick, and LOVE the color - we think it makes such a huge difference! And I'm so blessed to have such a talented husband who can do just about anything.
And the one and only benefit to having a north facing house is that you can paint your front door black and not worry about it fading since it's always in the shade. I've always wanted a black front door!! The only thing missing now is new shutters & address numbers, but I was too excited to wait for a picture of that!
Lo "helping" Dad clean the pump - she just ran around the front yard with a hose & a bucket, basically in 2 year old heaven.
Mya, for once, actually cooperated by playing in the playpen in the garage while we worked. This was a big shocker since she is rarely happy doing anything we want her to do. Unless we want to hold her and walk around, she's always more than happy to do that.
I do have to end with saying that for the first time EVER I was allowed to hold a paint roller. I was allowed to back roll after Bryan sprayed (only because it was so hot and the paint was drying too fast). Very big day - I still can't believe he let me, and he said that I did a pretty good job! He only went over what I rolled twice.
So next time you come over, you might say to yourself "Hey, is this the Kinyons house? No, it can't be, it's too beautiful and different to be theirs!" But it is, it's my house and I love it!


j. said...


i love the brick, as you know, but the whole package is just GORGEOUS! and i love the black door--it's the perfect choice.

are you going to do black shutters?

when can i see you?
i love you little kinyons.

Burnside Family said...

Looks AWESOME! Can't wait to see it in person!

Jennie-O said...

It looks great!! And seriously??? A paint roller???? I still have yet to do that with T, maybe one day! :) I think it's hilarious that those boys are so picky about their paint job!

Hilary Troy Jaxon Avery Presley said...

Wow, it truly does look like a different home! Tell Bryan good job! And it looks like you did a great job as roller girl!

BreeAnn said...

Your house looks great!

The Byers Family said...

WOW! This looks like one of those before and after of the fat unrecognizable person to the skinny hottie! Your house looks AMAZING! Good thing your hubby met my hubby when your hubby was young so that my hubby could teach your hubby all the really incredible things he now knows! I just need your hubby to come remind my hubby that you have to do those things for yourself and not just for others! LOL!

Kris & Amy Morris said...

LOVE IT!!!! I am still amazed that Bryan let you paint!! Ha ha, remember the good ole' times at my house painting my bedroom? LOL! I have always wanted a black door too! I even bought the paint & everything to do it. Just need to get some more of my "nesting" going I guess! Anyway, your home is beautiful!