Thursday, May 7, 2009

The First Playdate Adventure

I'm going to quickly here tell my little adventure of today.
Lo had her very first playdate with her cute little friend Sage at 10:00. I decided "hey, it's a beautiful day, and they only live a minute away. Why don't we all walk?" And so we did. After I dropped the oh so excited child off to play, I took the long way home with B, enjoying the nice day. Then I got home to discover that I had locked myself out. I had closed the garage door, knowing that I had unlocked the deadbolt on the front door. But apparently the handle was still locked. And our garage door code doesn't work. Locked out. No diapers. Hungry baby. Fantastic.
I called Bryan, so incredibly embarrassed, and he said he'd come home and let me in. So I headed off to Kalisa's house where Lauren was playing, and instead decided to take this opportunity to explore a little of what Riverton had to offer in my neck of the woods. And I knew that Mya would be much better in the stroller than out. I walked for almost an hour until Bryan got home, and I have to say, I made good time for where I went.
It was fabulous to be able to enjoy walking for almost an hour in the peace and quiet of just me and Mya, who didn't make a peep the entire time.
Thanks again, Kalisa & Sage! Lauren came home happy & exhausted - just the way I like it!


j. said...

sounds like a wonderful day. i wish i could come take an hour long walk with you guys in the sunshine. i think that's my idea of heaven. a walk every afternoon.

ps. i loved your comment, "im a chicken, too". thanks for loving me even though i'm so dang quirky & weird. maybe, we can post our embarrasing stuff together. i'll call you & we can go "1-2-3-PUBLISH!"

love you lady.

ps. i realize i say "love you" to everyone a lot. my brothers get sick of it. ;)

The Byers Family said...

Playdates are the best! You can get rid of the little monsters for a short time, hopefully they come home tired and take a nap for a bit and then you get a happy toddler the rest of the day! YAY for playdates! Oh, and, YOU ARE A KNUCKLEHEAD! I can't believe you locked yourself out! LOL!! Still laughing about it! But at least you got to tour the hood and get more familiar with it!

Jensons said...

I still say you should have come over and hung out with me, but I also know how nice a long walk is with out children hanging all over you.

The girls had a great time, we'll have to do it again soon!