Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proud to Report

That today Lo has only had 1 accident, and 4 "successes" in the potty.
I decided last week that with Lauren I just need to be casual and not expect her to want to try and potty train every day. And there would be no forcing to sit on the potty, only asking occasionally, and having her check frequently to make sure she's dry. So I've VERY casually asked her almost every day first thing in the morning if she wants to wear panties. Sometimes it's yes, and sometimes it's no. Today was a yes, and I think she's finally getting it!
But let me tell you, the girl can hold her urine!
She had an accident at 12:45, and she hadn't gone since 8:30 - we had a bath in there, but she swore to me over and over again that she didn't pee in the tub.
Bryan just came down to tell me - the time was 4:35, mind you, and she peed 4, yes folks, 4 times right in a row, and no accidents since she woke up from her nap at 2:30. But apparently it was a lot each of those 4 times. She must have an iron bladder and just hold it in forever until the flood gates break loose!!! This is a good thing, right? So I won't have to run her to the bathroom 5 times during a grocery trip?
So if she in fact did not pee in the tub, that makes up to about 4 hours of holding it in.
Anyway, I know all you moms out there know how exciting this is, so therefore don't care about the pee talk being nasty, and for those of you who don't have kids and think it's gross all I have to say is your time will come.
I am soooooo thinking she will be done by the time preschool starts in August!
Yeah for my little pee-er!
Oh, and I won't post about the first time she poops in the potty, that's just taking it a little too far.


Janie said...

Poop is never taking it too far, that's the best part of potty-training. :) Congrats on the success.

Carrie Medford said...

Matthew has an iron bladder to and I love it! He can hold it in forever so you can actually go places without the fear of an emergency trip to the bathroom!

Lindsay said...

Yea LO! Pee on, girl, pee on!!

j. said...

go lolo!! what a lil' rockstar! i am happy to be updated on her potty progress, even though i'm not a mommy myself. i love your girlies!!


The Byers Family said...

Shawna used to hold it like that! Then one day stuck in traffic on Bang. Hwy she starts freaking out that she is going to go and I knew we were in trouble cuz it'd been sooo long! I tried to get her to pee in an empty slurpee cup but she just couldn't, and bless the kid, she held it through the traffic until we got home! But that was a scary day! I think you've figured it out w/ Lo and since there's no real emergency to get her trained I'd go with this method! It works for her and that's what matters!

Jay and Kristy said...

Yay!!! Go Lauren!

Jennie-O said...

congrats to you!!! I'm proud of you for taking the challenge again - you've inspired me to try again too. M actually pooped in the potty tonight - exciting I know. I just saw "the face" and she agreed to go on the potty. I was stoked! p.s. am I supposed to be taking M to preschool in August? I thought it wasn't until four?!?!? I feel out of it!