Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day and Together Baths

My Mother's Day present that Lauren made in nursery. She said "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! Can I eat it?" She ate a couple fruit loops and then realized how nasty fruit loops are and gave it back to me. 'Twas my first homemade present from my kids!!

The girls just before bedtime. Sometimes it's hard to put them to bed because they are both so much fun at night. Wait a minute, what am I's NEVER hard to put them to bed because we're usually watching the clock, counting down until 7:30 when we can start the process. But they really are fun at night, usually.

I finally started putting them in the tub together a couple of weeks ago. I love it, they have so much fun together! Mya would sit in there for hours if I let her, just splashin' away! Lo freaks out if I try and put her in by herself, she refuses to get in without Mya. Such a cute big sister!! I tried to get a "not so revealing naked" picture of them for the blog, think I did pretty good. No front parts to be seen on here, folks!


j. said...

happy belated mothers day to an amazing mom!!! thanks for teaching me all your tricks about motherhood already. i know i will be a better mom after watching you. and the gifts are darling! xo.

The Byers Family said...

Together baths are soooo much fun, and sometimes even faster then bathing them seperate! I also love that you put the fruit loop necklace on here as the 1st homemade present ever from your kids! I can't remember what mine was, but something equally adorable I'm sure! LOL!