Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty Training: Day 1

We're going to give potty training our first real shot today. The "potty treats" have been purchased, Dora panties all ready to go. I don't believe a potty chart will work for Lo. Actually, I think I might be having to try multiple things to figure out what does work for her. Bought a soft, cushy, Dora seat that she picked out on her own and discovered that she is TERRIFIED of the big toilet. But I'm determined to give this to old college try for the next few days and see where we're at. So, ladies & gents, I might be dumping and cleaning out the little potty for some time to come. Or you might find me curled up in a little ball in the corner having accepted defeat from my 2.5 year old monster. Wish me luck and harness your chi for me - I'm definitely going to need it.
Here's how today went:
6 accidents - 5 #1's, 1 #2
2 successful in-the-potty #1's
Numerous "you have dry panties" prizes
Not feeling so hot right now :(
Tomorrow will be better, right?
But she is wanting to wear the panties which is a really big step from the last time we tried.
I'm exhausted already and it's only day 1......


Jennie-O said...

ok, so I totally just wrote the SAME post on my blog! I hadn't read yours yet, but I think it's funny that we both started PT on the same day. We like to do things at the same time it seems! :) good luck

Jennie-O said...

p.s. we are also using the dora potty seat, which m picked out by herself too!

Shanna and Regan said...

At least you are trying! My 2.5 year old wants nothing to do with it! So, I'm not trying yet...hahaha. Good luck!

j. said...

thanks for the details about how many #1's and #2's occured. g is really going to love that.

good luck, we love you!

The Byers Family said...

Not too bad, try not to get discouraged! And expect that she's going to have accidents (possibly because she's so stubborn and wants to show you she's in charge?!?!) GOOD LUCK! She's smart and she probabaly already knows how to do it, it's just getting her to do it that's the trick! Love you guys!

Kris & Amy Morris said...

Oh my gosh I think every mother out there that has ever potty trained has her heart go out to you right now!!! LOL!!!! We had the same Dora Potty seat. I used pullups because I refused to clean up messes & it worked pretty good. Brianna wouldn't sit on the big potty with the cute cushy dora potty seat either so we used the little potty for a while until one day she decided she wanted to give the dora potty seat a try. Just hang in there & be consistent!! You're doing good!