Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How Kids Make You Squishy II

This is my latest update on how my kids are making me squishy.....right here, ladies and gentlemen. This is what B does EVERY TIME I try and work out.
And I've tried to do it while she's taking a nap, and I swear this baby knows, because I get about 15 minutes into it - getting a good rhythm, starting to feel good, and then she starts crying. Why oh why!?! I've felt really motivated lately to get into shape (maybe it's because I'm in a ward full of marathon runners), and I have a treadmill, so this should all work out, right? B Mya says "WRONG, MOM, I WANT YOU TO STAY SQUISHY FOREVER BECAUSE I'M DIFFICULT!!!"
I'm starting to think I might need to use the childcare at the gym that everyone around here raves about - but then I'm afraid that she'll cry every time we go because she hates strangers. And then the people at the gym will hate me and eventually not let me bring her.
And unless I start getting up every day at 3:00 to work out since I work at 4:00, I don't know what to do! I'm hoping that warm weather and a jogging double stroller will solve my dilemma. Babies like strollers. Oh wait, but this is Mya, the rules don't apply to her.


The Byers Family said...

You should stay squishy, it makes me feel better about myself! HAHA Just Kidding! Too bad you don't live closer, I'd take Lo and B Mya while you worked out! Bummer!! She'll get better as she gets older, especially when she and Lo can play together while you work out! Don't give up!

j. said...

is squishy code for hot & sexy? if so, then i agree with this post.

and that's totally why i can't work out, too. somebody always starts crying when i try (somebody = husband). and i blame all my squish on him.

on a more serious note: i have no brilliant ideas about ways to work out with a young'n in tow, but you do have a rockstar husband, so perhaps you could inlist his help?

can wait to see you & hot bod this weekend. oooh la la.

Carrie Medford said...

Corinne hated the jogging stroller when she was that age and I would just keep running despite the looks of horror from the people I passed by. Good luck!

BreeAnn said...

seriously! I know what you mean. It is always a task on my days off to find time to work out with Karson. He wants my undivided attention and the bouncer doesn't work quite like it used to!
Kristin ( the lady in the library with me) are going to start going walking a couple of times a week when it warms up, we did it for awhile in the fall. You are more than welcome to come with us! We also will go on Saturday mornings to the trail that is by the Stake Center...I think.
As far as the marathon runners, I choose not to think about them, because all of our situations are differnt, and all I can do is the best that I can do. That's it. People who don't have to work have a LOT more free time than people who do you know? So it's all good!

Jen, Mitch, and Kids said...

ha, ha! I think alot of mom's can sympathize! I wouldn't worry about taking her to the gym. Daxton would scream bloody murder when I dropped him off the first few times and then he was fine. He loves to go, now. What gym is it?