Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Little Girls

Just a few funny shots of the li'l ones - and for the record - Lauren is not always in jammies, and Mya would get to wear more than a onesie around the house if she'd just stop puking all over everything.
Lo insisted on holding B this morning. It just gets more and more awkward the bigger Mya gets.
Happy girl on her tummy for once! I LOVE this picture - she has the biggest smile ever!! Lo and Daddy watching "Badagardigans" under the "rumbrella". He's such a good sport.

Yes, Daisy's tongue is actually inside Mya's mouth.
Mya is starting to get upset in this one, but this is actually her new "position" of choice. She starts by sitting up in the chair and slowly makes her way to this, but she loves it. She'll hang out like this for 20 minutes if I let her (which for Mya is a long time to be doing anything other than sleeping or being held).


The Sartori's said...

um, ewww? Don't miss my dog at all.

Love the umbrella