Sunday, March 8, 2009

New 'Dos

Anyone who knows me and my children know that they are not blessed with an abundance of hair. Lauren didn't actually have anything to do with until she was over 1, and it was a very pathetic attempt.
So here's B with her first actual "do" - a mohawk. Yes, she's a girl, but I'm just trying to work with what the Good Lord gave her here.
**And on a side note - she still has a huge noggen - and no neck. Just in case you were wondering.
This was a big day for Lo - most of her hair can now be pulled into 2 ponies - I was worried that she woul have to have that little baby hair where you just pull the top into a bow forever. And she keeps them in most of the day. Impressive, I know! I just love this picture, she's the cutest!