Monday, March 16, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

I jokingly texted Bryan that he should take Thursday off so we could go play and find someone to watch the girls (not for a second thinking he would agree). We haven't had much "we" time lately, and I've been feeling that we needed a day. Surprisingly, he agreed, Shara said she's watch them in the afternoon, so we both took the day off, and that's where our lovely weekend began.

Thursday morning:
Shara called and said that Annie was throwing up, so she couldn't watch the kids (poor Annie, no fun) - I had been sooo looking forward to our day, so I wasn't giving up! I called my sister who said she would come over after work (woo hoo), so we were back on.

We decided to go to Park City to the outlets - who doesn't love the outlets?????

We grabbed 5 Guys Burgers & Fries (delicious, btw) on the way up and spend the afternoon/evening in discount heaven. Love!

Bryan also had the day off, I worked a little in the morning, and then we decided to take Lo to Build-A-Bear. She's been having some trouble sleeping lately, so we thought by getting her a "bedtime only" bear it might help. Bryan recorded a message for her so if she gets scared at night she can squeeze the hand and hear "Good night, Lolo, go to sleep, I love you" from her daddy. And since we're suckers, we decided that she can't have her first Build-A-Bear experience be for a bear she can't play with during the day, so she also got to build a "scruffy puppy" that is all decked out - track suit, rainbow sneakers, and diva sunglasses!

We stopped in to see my little bro when we got there and he came with us for some Chick-Fil-A and the building of the bear/puppy.

Then I was off for a much needed haircut and the kiddies for a much needed nap.

I came home and then we were off again on a mission to find Mariokart for Wii - 4 stores later, BINGO!

So that evening, my little bro and fam came over along with G and J, our favorites, and we played Wii and chatted and ate Chinese and had a fabulous time.


Pedicure with my girls at 10:30, then lunch at Jason's Deli.

Ran to the mall to check out Easter dresses

Came home in time to change and have lunch with some of my old K-Town buddies that I've reconnected with thanks to Facebook. Olive Garden - still my favorite!

Raced home and picked up the family to then to go DK with H&A - I didn't eat anything there, but I nibbled and it was still delish.

Then back to our house to watch a movie and eat shakes and chit the chat.

And now, we breathe.

Thanks, honey, for letting me do so many "me" things this weekend - I owe you BIG TIME!


j. said...

thx for playing with us! we had so much fun. i think my favorite part was browsing FB with you! haha! i have the longest weekend of my life this week, so please do let us know if you want to do it again!!!

and what is DK?

love you.

Jennie-O said...

Sounds like an awesome week! I love that Bryan recorded that message for Lo, he's such a good daddy.