Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 4-5

Today is Wednesday.
Found out I was pregnant last Friday.  Thought I started my you know what on Wednesday, but obviously didn't. 
A bright red dot appeared on my hand Thursday.  Sound odd?  Well, for me it's not.  I get a bunch of red dots on my skin when I'm pregnant (very strange, but we all have strange things happen when we're with child.  This is mine), and it ONLY happens when I'm pregnant.
I stared at the red dot for a solid 10 minutes, then decided I would take a test the next day.  Because why else would the red dot appear, right?
Not much morning sickenss yet. 
Went to a vegan restaurant last night and thought I was going to lose it when I tasted the consistency of the dessert.  Vegans shouldn't try and make dessert.  It doesn't work.  Either that, or I shouldn't try a vegan restuarant when I'm pregnant.  Or maybe ever.
Had my first toothbrushing gag last night also.  Ahhh, the brushing gag.  So familiar.
Dying to tell everyone.

Oh, and ps......I'm totally showing already.  I look like I'm 12 weeks along.  Just thought I'd throw that in there :)


Lindsay said...

Whatever you do not look like you're even pregnant! Ridiculous lies. I just noticed another red dot yesterday on my face.

It's kind of freaking me out.