Tuesday, November 16, 2010


That stands for girls' WEEKEND out.
Oh yeah.
We ditched our families this last weekend to head down to St. George for a little R & R.  Just wish it would've been slightly warmer.....
But alas, it was heavenly.
We did a lot of eating, laughing, not enough sleeping, and hung out in our jammies waaaaay too much.

Here's Shauna, Janie, Amy, and Amber.
Is it just me, or does it look like Amy is auditioning for a Quaker Instant Oatmeal commercial?

I don't know what happened while I was taking this, but please draw your attention to the right hand side of the photo.
Outside the Bear Paw Cafe is a toilet planter box, that is just full of dirt now.
And, of course, Shauna cannot pass up an opportunity to pose in a compromising position :)

The Brick Oven.  So happy they have one in St. George.
When we were all first out of HS that was one of our favorite places to eat - so this was completely nostalgic for us!
Outside the beautiful Las Palmas condos the morning we left.
We were a little sad to leave, but a lot ready to see our hubbies and kids.
This is officially the longest I've left the kids without Bryan, so it was a bit strange for me.

More of the condo.....how else would you pose with a wall?
Crystol, Amy, Shauna, Janie.  Showing the wall some more love.

I feel so blessed to have these girls (I guess we're women now?  yuck) in my life.  We all had such a good time, and we never run out of stuff to talk about.  I love hearing their stories, their experiences, their trials.  I'm sure I interject my 2 cents a bit (or a LOT) too much.  But I just love having these ladies to talk to and share my life with.
Here's a little story about how we met - my older bro was dating Janie (girl in the plaid coat) before his mission, and she was more than nice to me and started inviting me out.  And they could never shake me.  I'm the "outsider", I guess you could say.  They all went to high school together, and I didn't.  But I could tell you the names of their friends, who they dated, who their cuddle buddies were, etc.  Because I know it all.
These girls are my besties.  We are solid.  They can spend 3 days with me  listening to me talk way too much, and deal with my pregnant mood swings (sorry ladies).
Words can't express what they have meant to me the last 12+ years, and we're not going anywhere.
For the record, we are short 3 lovely ladies and they were sorely missed.  Julie - missed your laugh and your hilarious stories.  Lisa - missed your sense of humor & how you take care of everyone, always making sure nobody is in need of anything.  Abby - missed your words of wisdom & your cleaning tips.
Next time, right?
Thanks again for taking me in.


j. said...

That sounds so fun! Don't you just love those life long friends that you've had since you were young!? Glad you got a weekend to be with yours. :)

Lindsay said...

Fun fun! Girl getaways are such a neccesity!!!!