Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Beginning

To look a lot like CHRISTMAS!
I usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to deck my halls, but I just couldn't wait this year.
Lo woke up Sunday morning dying over the snow and going on and on about how it's Christmas time now.
So I decided that we might as well join in her holiday spirit and decorate!

 This isn't a very good picture, but this is my most favorite Kinyon Christmas tree ever.  I went the day after Christmas last year and bought all sorts of new ornaments, and haven't seen them since then, so I was a bit nervous to pull everything out and see what I had.

 Lo helped put some ornaments on, and I of course moved them, which made me feel bad.
So yesterday I went and bought a little 4 foot tree and pulled out some of the old plastic ornaments from a few years ago and let the girls go to town.
And I vowed to not move a single one.
And I won't because the finished product is just so dang funny.

 Mya's idea of decorating was taking the ornaments back off the tree and putting them away in the boxes they came out of.
She still very much enjoyed herself.
**On a side note, when Mya says "Christmas tree" it comes out "princess teet".  Funniest thing ever.

This little grouping at the bottom is my favorite.  On 3 branches are 3 bulbs, and 4 sparkly jewel things.  And the big sparkly bulb is way too heavy for where it was placed, so it's only about 2 inches from the ground.

I never felt bad about not having a "kid tree" until this year, because my kids weren't really old enough to care.
And I guess I'm kind of a brat for wanting my big tree to be all pretty and (somewhat) perfect.  But I think this is a good compromise. 
I had thought maybe Lauren wouldn't like that the tree was small, but she loved that she could reach everywhere and it was "the perfect tree for kids".
I'm so excited to get this holly jolly season under way this year - partly because the kids are old enough to get both the Santa thing and really begin to understand the true meaning of Christmas and learn the story of our Savior's birth.
Let the Holidays begin!!
ps - enjoy the Christmas playlist.  Love it.


Lindsay said...

SO cute! I'm stealing your idea. "Princess teet!" HA! You have me so excited about Christmas!

j. said...

it really is beautiful! and it makes me laugh that you gave them their own tree to do- such a cute idea, mama.

Jennie-O said...

I love the kid tree idea... I may do the same thing too. I can't wait for Christmas this year either, its just so magical at the age our kids are. Here's to a great holiday season!!!

Jensons said...

Beautiful tree! Love the new ornaments. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the big tree to be perfect. In fact, do you want to spill a little of your tree decorating genius my way?