Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanks, Martha

I came across this last Christmas while doing a search for advent calendars.
It's from Martha Stewart Kids, and I just loved it!
So I spent the entire year collecting 12 pairs of green, red, white and brown kid/baby socks to make it.
A couple of Command hooks, some twine, and clothespins, and voila!

 We did one of those paper ones from Walmart last year with the horribly nasty chocolate candies in them, and every night when we did them I thought "THESE ARE SO LAME!"
And I vowed to find something better, and I did.
It's just so cute!
Some of the socks have little treats {candy} in them, some have a piece of paper with an activity listed {Dec. 2 we are going to the Festival of Trees} or do something fun {coloring Christmas pictures, reading a Christmas story, making cookies}.
I get so excited to find something new, easy, and inexpensive to do for my kids for the Holidays.
I'm so excited that tomorrow is December 1st!

Just thought I'd throw in a little bit of Lolo sass

 And a sweet Mya moment :)


j. said...

this is really cute! next year when i have a child, i shall copy you & martha. i just can't see g cooperating with an advent calendar! haha

The Byers Family said...

I love this! (the advent calendar, not the Lo sass although she is damn cute regardless, and I love the Mya precious moment but who doesn't?) Do you put little treats in the socks? I think it's a fabulous idea and so different!

Jennie-O said...

I love the advent idea so much. It's so colorful and fun. I also love Lo's sassy face... I see the same face from m nearly every day!

BreeAnn said...

cute idea! are there treats in the socks or no?

Kiersti said...

To answer a question, yes, there are treats in some of them, and some of them have a piece of paper with an activity written on it. Like today, they are getting their Christmas jammies, tomorrow we are going to the Festival of Trees, I bought some cute little activities (coloring books, gingerbread houses) that we will do on other days.

Lindsay said...

such a cute idea! I already have 3 advent we're counting down with. But if we didn't, this would be up!