Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Forgotten How to be Pregnant

Yep.  I've forgotten how to be pregnant.  It's like I've never done it before.  Apparently 2 years between pregnancies is too long for me.
Maybe it's because with Lo, I was so focused on every little thing, and so I remembered more by the time I got pregnant with Mya.  I don't know.
But I feel like I have no idea what's going on with my body.
Maybe (and I say this at the risk of jinxing everything) it means I'm having boy.  I hope so.
I feel horrible from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.
And, so far, the only thing that makes me feel better is a Jr. bacon cheeseburger from Wendy's or a bean & cheese burrito from Taco Bell.  I think they might be my "things" this time around.
With Lauren, my things were KFC and Little Caesar's pizza.
With Mya, it was just all things greasy - Wienerschnitzel, Crown Burger, just about anything that was incredibly bad for you.
We went through some boxes in the basement the other day and found our folder from our Hypnobirthing class we took when I was pregnant with Lo.
On it are scribbles about the weirdos in our class like Tank Top Girl and how Cafe Rio smelled like dirt.
It made me think about what it was like to be carrying our first child when it was just me & Bryan. 
How the Hypno CD's would put me to sleep in 5 minutes flat and give me funny dreams.
How Tank Top Girl needed to wear a bra, and her baby daddy seemed so completely uninterested in her.
How I used to lay every outfit I bought across my belly and smile.
How Lo got the hiccups every day, numerous times a day, to the point of my exhaustion.
How the night we found out we were listening to Nora Jones & looked up Ford Racing & Led Zeppelin onesies.
How I dragged Bryan down every baby aisle in every store, and he pretended to hate it.
How all I had to worry about was myself & the baby inside my belly.
How there is nothing like your first pregnancy.
Now I have meals to cook, diapers to change, children to bathe.
It's completely different.
I haven't told Lauren yet, and I can't wait until we do.
Mya won't understand until I'm as big as a house, but Lo will.
She will touch my belly, and talk to her little sibling.
She will give it kisses and tell us what she wants to name it.
2 more weeks until my first appointment and then I'll tell her.
I can't wait.
There's nothing like your first pregnancy.......and your second, and your third.
All are special, and wonderful, and so amazing.
And I'm hoping I won't forget certain things about all of them.
Like how on Saturday night, Bryan made me an egg salad sandwich at 10:45 pm, because it was the only thing that sounded good to me.  And I fell asleep on the couch before it was done, but when I woke up, he jumped up and brought it to me.
He sure is a keeper :)


The Byers Family said...

Loved reading this post even though it was just journaling for yourself! Lo will be devastated if it's a girl, at least until she meets her if it's a her... Mya might kinda catch on when you're bigger, but she'll really get it when there's a baby in the house! I'm so excited for you guys! And mostly because there'll be a new baby in the family to cuddle!

BreeAnn said...

Love this post

Lindsay said...

This is SO sweet! I just love you two. My little Brooklyn was in the kitchen talking to me while I was making dinner. She started talking about Kiersti & Bryan and it made me so happy that 2 people that I really like and that mean something to me are important to her too. Loves!

You're right each pregnancy is so different and so precious. I'm not crossing my fingers for a boy. Every time I do it jinxes things. So there ya go!