Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To the Table

Lately I've been reflecting on friendship.
And how much I really love my friends.
Every friend we have brings something to the table.
They contribute something to our lives.
A good sense of humor. A positive attitude. Words of inspiration. Encouragement. Insight. A good listener. And then there are those that are just easy to be around.
It's got me thinking about myself as a friend.
Sometimes I think I'm concentrating so hard on being a better wife, mother, primary teacher, housekeeper, cook, etc., and not enough on being a better friend.
So I'm asking this of you, blog readers.
What do I bring to your table?
What is it about me that makes you want to keep me in your life?
I know, this is a little self-indulgent on my part.
But I'm curious.
And yes, family, acquaintances, and those I've never met - this means you, too :)
By the way - isn't that a fabulous table I put at the top? Love.


Strong Family - said...

Even though I've never met you I'm excited to someday. You keep it real, and that's why I like reading your blog. :-) Lauree

Carrie Medford said...

One of my favorite things about you is your sense of humor.

Jennie said...

to me you bring a funny personality. A kind person who knows exactly what she likes and wants. The biggest thing lately is helping me understand that I may not be as crazy as I think I am! :)

Lindsay said...

I love that you are a VERY easy person to be around. From the second I met you. You're talkative, always have something to say or ask about. That is a gift, honestly. Plus you're funny and always up for all things fun. Even though we have not done much together, it's something I know and have always felt from you. You're encouraging. I love your confidence. I love your hair. I LOVE your laugh and smiley eyes. People with smiley eyes are the BEST! And, yes, awesome table. And I think everyone wonders this.

The Byers Family said...

I'm stuck with you so I guess it doesn't really matter...

JUST KIDDING! You are fun to be around, you have a great sense of humor and can take a joke just as well as you can dish it! You are a great mom and wife to my bro and neices but you're also a terrific aunt to my kids. I know if I ever need anything I can call you and that's important. I also love the side of you that's sensitive because we don't get to see that too often but it's definately there. I love your cheeser smile! I really love how well you fit into our family, anyone else would have stuck out like a sore thumb but it's good to have you where you belong.

Heidi said...


I love that you aren't afraid to say what you think or feel. It's nice to know where you stand with you.

Plus, a great sense of humor!

j. said...

for reals? i might cry.

you're one of my best friends.

and i know i say that a lot about a lot of people, but you truly truly are. i don't think i have "clicked" with anyone the way we click in a long, long time. you just get me. i know i can talk to you about everything & anything and you will listen & understand. your my cheer-me-up friend, listen-to-me-vent friend and make-me-laugh-til-i-cry friend.

we have so much fun together. i get your jokes, you get mine. we have the same sense of humor and perspective. you bring fun and silliness and joy into my life. but you have also been someone that has made me feel better & eased my sadness over this past year. when i've needed you, you've been there. one specific time that comes to mind is a few months ago when i came over to your house after a bad bad day. you came over and gave me a hug, just because you said you knew i needed one. and you were right.

that's what you bring to my table. you are an incredible friend, kierst. one of the best i have. and i love you.

jennybrum said...

I like that you are part of one of my favorite families EVER! And every time I see you we are usually somewhere spending money, which is always fun, right? And I like reading your blog and hearing about all the cute things your darling girls are up to, and especially the trouble they get into (misery loves company!) So keep updating!

Tasha said...

I am Jen's sister.. so I started reading your blog from hers! Anyhow... I love that your posts are so real and I love the way you write! Thanks:)

Jennie said...

I like you because you blog stalked me. You make me feel like I might actually be enjoyable to be around instead of being the boring person that I usually think I am. :)

BreeAnn said...

I would consider you my friend, not that we know each other super well...but any way I think of you as a friend, and what I would say is something that you bring to the table as a friend, is that you are a good conversationalist and a good listener. I enjoy talking with you and feel comfortable around you!

Tiff said...

I remember the good ole' days when we grew up together for so many years. We had some great memories and I think we are alike in many ways!

Kristy said...

Yo girl! We have some pretty hilarious memories together! Plus we went through lots of crappy stuff together too! I love how much I can relate to your posts and wish that we could get together more often. Love you lots! Won't forget waking up that morning in your friend's basement to Chan's boy stinking up the bathroom!