Thursday, April 1, 2010

ALWAYS Listen to Nursery Rhymes

Lo has this annoying bedtime routine where she jumps on her bed, counting the number of jumps, and then for the grand finale lands on her knees.
I'll just clarify right now that I have never condoned this routine. Sometimes, you just don't think some things are that big of a deal.
So you let your kid jump on her bed every night - and every night you tell yourself that you need to put a stop to this routine because it's dangerous.
We all know the story of the 5 little monkeys, right? I should know better.
Weeeellllll, this is what happens when you don't listen to nurery rhymes.
Your kid gets a black eye :(
On Lo's final jump to her knees, she somehow launched forward right into her headboard.
And this is the result.

This is how it looked yesterday morning
And now today
Feel free to show this to your children as a lesson to NOT jump on the bed.
And, again, I have to say.....
Please.....hold your applause


Jennie-O said...

oh! Poor Lo :( I think she will decide to change her bedtime routine now!

The Byers Family said...

Hello, that's no big deal, most kids get black eyes not because of their parent(s) but because they are kids! Annie was about Lo's age when she split her face open just above her eye and had to have stitches, then when the stitches came out she hit the other eye on Bryan's futon, needless to say we have lovely pics of both black eyes in Kris and Doyle's wedding album (see, things could be worse, Lo could have her pic in an important event like that where people would see her black eye for ions...) Oh well, she'll survive and eventually forget she ever had a black eye!