Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memory Lane Part Deux

So I found more pictures that I wanted to post.
Here is Amina. About a week before her wedding we flew to Vegas for a one night shop fest. My feet have never been so sore!
Gorgeous Amina right before she got married
Ahhhh, Bryan and Hyrum in their kilts. Priceless. Bryan learned quickly why women tuck their skirts under before they sit down. He wore it "traditional style" - aka: commando. Because why would a man want to wear underwear under a skirt?

Funnest wedding I've ever been to. This is probably around midnight - we thought this fireplace provided a beautiful background for a lovely pose.

My first (and so far only) trip to Lake Powell. I think it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Such a fun week!
(you can definitely see the 30 lbs I mentioned earlier in my face here)

There was some crazy wind while we were there and the men had to go out and secure the anchors. This is how Bryan's dad (or is it Christopher Walken?) looked after they came back in.

And yes, this is what you think it is. Bryan and his FATHER both mooning a passing houseboat. Like father, like son!

And this concludes my little trip down memory lane. I hope you've enjoyed my past as much as I have!