Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We started out Easter weekend by going to see "How to Train Your Dragon" with Bryan's family (LOVED IT) on Friday afternoon. Afterwards we went to Shara's and dyed Easter eggs.

Lo insisted that all of hers needed to be pink. All 12. You can see 1 yellow one in there, but it has pink crayon on it. It took some serious convincing to allow Shara to put that one in with the rest.

Here are the girls in their dresses. I opted for super casual sun dresses this year. Even though I'm not the one wearing them, I have a hard time with the traditional Easter poof.

I couldn't get a picture of them standing together, so this is as good as it got :)
And yes, I'm fully aware of B's yellow jeally bean chin.
Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have such cute girls. I know I'm a little biased, but come on! Seriously....

The Easter bunny brough the girls each one of these princess chairs. Mya can't get enough of them - she spent the day carrying hers around from room to room, and stacking it full of her new stuff. So cute.
Oh, and NEWS FLASH.....did you know the Easter bunny is a girl? Well, ours is, anyway. I was informed of this by Lauren. I guess it makes sense - all of the pastel colors and such. It's a very feminine holiday.

All in all we had a very relaxing but fun weekend. We don't get to spend nearly as much time together as a family as we'd like with our crazy work schedules, so we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this weekend.
Conference was fabulous - we didn't get to see too much of it because of family gatherings and the kids, but thank goodness for a DVR, right? So I'm looking forward to watching it during the peace and quiet of naptime.
And I have to document this because it was just too sweet.
Lauren has the best primary teachers. They definitely go above and beyond for her class, and she learns so much. She came home last week talking about how Jesus died and was resurrected. She told us the story (in great detail for a 3 year old) of how they went to Jesus' tomb and the stone had been moved away and his body was gone. She talked about the angel that was there, and how Jesus came back and people touched his hands and side. It's amazing to me that she has absorbed this. Sometimes I don't give her credit for what she knows and what she has the capability to learn.
In her prayer last night, she said she was thankful that "Jesus bleeded for us and was resrected". Completely unprompted by me.
I sometimes wish I could freeze her right now. She's so sweet and innocent, and such a good kid. I'm truly blessed to be her mother.


j. said...


note to self: take primary lessons more seriously!! seriously, i'm feeling guilt that we NEVER prepare a lesson & just open our manuals in class and wing it. sucks to be in our class i guess!

cutest dresses & festivities. love you guys so much. can't stop thinking about the fact that we might be leaving you all soon. it makes me cry. we will miss you so.

Lindsay said...

Yay for Easter! They look so cute-it's not just you. :)

BreeAnn said...

I have to say I got a little teared up at the end of this post. Little kids have the most sincere and innocent hearts. I love it.

Jennie-O said...

I love that lo's eggs are all pink - she's hilarious. Those dresses are adorable too. Sometimes I feel like I want to freeze M at this age too, but really I just want to have all of this on video so I can fast forward through the hard parts and rewind the awesome parts! :)

est. 2000 said...

You do have beautiful girls! And I agree, casual dresses are much cuter! Love the quote at the end too!