Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Zoo

Last Thursday the Strong family girlies all went to the zoo. It would have been much more fun had it not rained like crazy about 20 minutes after we got there :(
Needless to say, we didn't stay too long, and because of the rain I only got a few pictures.
Here's Lo pointing something out to McKell (good thing she was there, she was good enough to try and keep Lo up with the rest of us.....slowest child ever)

The horrible attempt I made to get all of the cousins in one shot....we have Will, Matthew, Ady, Lexi, and Tanner. Missing Lauren (always, always behind), Mya, Jones, and Bennett.

This is where we were when the rain hit - the kids loved the carousel, though!
We ran for cover in the reptile house - Mya had been fighting sleep the whole time we were there. After a while, a lady said to me "Um, you might want to see this".


Jennie-O said...

that's funny! and good job to Lo on going #2 in the potty! I think since the move M has been regressing in that area! :(