Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th O'July

We took the somewhat relaxed route this year for the 4th. Normally our day is filled with trying to fit in every BBQ we can and by the end of the day we are exhausted, Lo is a terror, and we wonder why we did it all.
So this year we decided to just go to Bryan's grandparents' BBQ in the afternoon and then spend time with just us the rest of the evening. It was fabulous!!!!

Here's the girls getting ready to leave that afternoon, B sporting her hilarious attempt at a pony tail.......I don't have a lot to work with here :)

After the BBQ, we walked over to the park to give the kids their first carnie experience at the Riverton carnival. Lo had the time of her life! She rode every ride that she could, and as you can see here, LOVED every ride.

And B sat quietly in the stroller and chewed on her binky clip strap

We had bought a few fireworks, just little stuff that we thought Lauren would like, and after we got home we sat out with all of our other neighbors and put on a little show in the circle. Here's Lo's little friend Kamryn from across the circle, who B thoroughly enjoyed sitting with (amazingly) while we lit snakes, parachutes, sparklers and threw snaps. We discovered that Lauren thinks all of it is stupid except for snaps - those are the best things ever!!
We then took the kids into the backyard (Kamryn & her brother Griffin in tow) to try and see the fireworks from Riverton park - kind of, but next year I think we'll get closer.

All in all we had a great Independence Day - I think we'll continue this whole relaxing thing again next year!


The Byers Family said...

It's nice spending relaxing time for the holidays! And I think it's fun starting traditions with just your little family! I'm glad it was a good time for all and that Lo and B had fun! Next year, if we do the Riverton thing again, you should head over to hang under the fireworks with us! It was fun and we had a great view!

Brittany and Nate said...

Sounds nice. I love lo's hair by the way. Those curls are to die for!

Kristy said...

"Carni folk. . . small hands!" Name that movie. Hopefully the Riverton Carni's aren't as scary as the West Vest Carni's were! YIKES!