Friday, July 17, 2009


A few pictures from our camping trip last weekend to Wasatch. I only took approximately 3 pictures, so most of these are stolen from Shara & Mat's Facebook albums (he he).
We had fun, regardless of mine & Lo's crappy colds and B's, well "B-ness"
Here's Lo with a walking stick (I think it's Brock's) - as Shara put it, looking like Shera from Masters of the Universe (oh, how I LOVED that show when I was a kid!!)

Playing with Grandpa Jerry

I don't think I even knew this picture was being taken (hence the lack of the cheeser smile). But I'm pretty sure Mya was being a butt, or something along those lines - I look so mad!

This is where B spent the majority of her the stroller.
Poor kid, when you grow up and ask me "Mommy, why is every picture of me as a baby in a stroller?". I'm going to smile and say "Well, love of my life, because you were just a big butt most of the time." My arm was seriously sore for pushing the stroller back and forth, back and forth for an hour plus every day we were there. I did discover, to my frustration, that she is an angel when I'm not around.
Lo and I came back down to WJ for my nephew's baptism (go Tanner!) on Saturday, so the family was nice enough to watch Mya while I was gone and Bryan was golfing. Apparently she was great, until I got back, then the butt came out again.
She is stinking cute, though.
After we got there on Thursday afternoon, since it was just us and the Burnsides, we decided to head into Heber for some Dairy Keen. The kids loved the trains - we got to hear "Look, the train, the train" about 58 times from Lauren, who was amazed every time the train went by up on the wall.

Bryan took a little siesta, and when I looked back there, he was all snuggled up to this princess ball. I couldn't resist.

We attempted to go to the Kamas Fish Hatchery. The drive was the only chance we would get a nap out of Lo, so we were glad for it. When we got there, we looked at the sign outside and it said "Self Guided Tours All Day". So we woke up Lo, who was NOT ready and became a huge beast. We drove down to the hatchery, walked in, and were greeted by a sign telling us because of the spread of Whirling Disease (whatever that is) they were only doing guided tours, and only at 11:00, 1:00, 3:00. It was exactly 2:00. All for nothing. So we threw the kids back in the truck, and drove up to Provo Falls, didn't get out because the beast was asleep again, and drove back to camp. At least the drive was pretty. Everyone else stopped at Provo Falls and had a great time. Gotta love sick 2 year olds.
You can kind of tell by the look on Lauren's face what kind of mood she was in. Also, I promise we did not beat her. This is what happens when she goes camping - she falls. ALL THE TIME. Poor kid came home with scrapes and bruises all over her face and knees. She didn't seem to mind. In fact, if you asked her about her eye (which had a nice sized scape on it) she would scream "It doesn't hurt!!"
All in all, we had a blast - great food, the kids slept pretty good, and some awesome times around the campfire.
Can't wait to go again!!


j. said...

you totally beat lo. i've seen it.

sorry b mya decided to be a fiesty woman. she is dang cute, though, you are right.

i love you.

The Byers Family said...

B Mya was a complete angel for me and Becky! I don't know what you do to piss her off but stop doing it! LOL! We had a great time too! I'm so glad we all got to go and can't wait to go again! Let's plan!

Carrie Medford said...

That story makes me laugh because it sounds all too familiar. I'm sure people think I beat my kids too because they have bruises and scrapes over almost every inch of their bodies. They are just super klutzy. Maybe it's the Strong genes?
P.S. Mya has the cutest chubby cheeks ever!

Lindsay said...

Oooo-you DO look mad! Hooray for sleeping beasts!! Loved the princess ball snuggle also. What a pansy!