Monday, July 20, 2009

A Scootin'

I just need to document that Mya began scooting over the weekend. We've been working with her so hard - she's 11 months now - and Bryan FINALLY got her to scoot! This is a big deal for us, because Lauren didn't scoot/crawl/ANYTHING until she was 15 months old. And only after we had a therapist come into the house and show us ways to get her to move that we wouldn't have thought of. Luckily, we have been much more proactive with Mya, especially when we noticed that she was just like her sister - content to sit in the same spot. Most babies will just start doing these things on their own. Well, apparently our kids just like to challenge us a bit more. And if one more person says to me "oh, you don't want her to move!" because, you know, that's when kids start getting into things, I think I might punch somebody.
They obviously never had a child who didn't crawl until 15 months, and didn't walk until 18 months. They never had to have Early Intervention therapists come in twice a month that had your child screaming for over an hour straight because her stubborn personality doesn't mesh well with someone trying to make her do something. And they probably never had to carry around a 20 + pound kid everywhere when they were pregnant because the kid couldn't walk.
So, yes, I want Mya to move. I want her to move as much as possible so that we don't have to go through that again. I want to have to put up a baby gate, and be constantly chasing after her, because the alternative is so hard, and I'd prefer not to have to do it again.
Yay for B Mya! Let's cross our fingers, she may just be crawling by one, woo hoo!!


j. said...

wooo hoooo for scooting!

The Byers Family said...

When someone says you don't want her to move you should explain that you really want to know your B is ok, that she's developing the way she's supposed to for her age, and that there's nothing seriously wrong, because a baby that doesn't learn to do these things could have serious issues! I know B is just fine (as was Lo at this age!) but people should realize that your baby needs to do these things to progress, the alternative to not being able to scoot, crawl, walk could be something seriously wrong! I'm glad you're not neglectful and that you did something about it to make sure you're kiddies are happy and HEALTHY! You are a good mom!

Now off my soap box to say, "YAY B! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!"

Holly Strong said...

DOUBLE YAY!!! Good job B Mya. Hopefully you will show us those skillz on Sunday.

Kris & Amy Morris said...

I remember you doing all that with Lauren. Yay for Mya scootin'!!!!!

Kristy said...

I hear ya on the unwanted advice!! I got it all the time with our babe! She waited until 1 to crawl and I got it all the time! "Oh she's not crawling yet?? Well, it's just as well, then you'll be wishing she wasn't!" I just want to say "You don't know me!" (like those girls on Maury Povich) because you really do want them to pass that milestone! So happy for Mya!! You go girl! (literally!)

Jennie-O said...

Go Mya! I'm excited for you. I don't care how old your kid is, when she starts crawling, it's always exciting! :)