Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"I Put It In the Potty!!!"

*Another poop post, you've been warned*

Lauren has yet to go #2 in the potty. I've tried to catch her in the act, but she likes to wait anywhere between 2 and 4 days between relieving herself, until we think she's asleep at night and then, **surprise** - she walks in and the huge lump in the bum of her jammies says it all.
Until last night.
She got quiet really fast after putting her to bed last night.
Too quiet, too fast.
So I went to do a "walk by", hoping to catch her in the act since it was the 4th day of no #2 action. She was laying in bed, but with no covers on. Warning sign. So I asked if she needed to go poop, she said yes and jumped out of bed. (BTW, this isn't unusual, any excuse to get out of bed, she takes it).
So into the bathroom we went, and she sat down to do her business. I knew she needed to go - how could she not???? 4 days - come on!!
Let's just say that she was stinking up the place, but nothing was happening. She was getting too distracted by talking to me about everythying under the sun. So I started making excuses to leave the room, hoping she would do better alone.
Well, I stepped onto the front porch for a moment with Bryan, and came back in to hear her yelling "I put it in the potty, Mommy, it's in the potty!"
Sure enough "it" was now in the potty!
I didn't care that it was 9:30 and Mya might wake up, you've never heard such a celebration of poop!
So today she gets to go to the store and pick out whatever she wants. This should be interesting.
And they say that usually once they do it once, they don't look back.
Let's just hope that "they" are right :)


j. said...

wooo hooo lo pooped in the potty! this is a BIG DAY! did you take a picture of her and her poop? ;)