Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There's Easter Eggs in My Room!

We were so excited for Easter this year! Lo was kind of getting it (kind of) - she knew that the Easter Bunny was going to bring her something, she just didn't know when.

The Easter Bunny snuck in her room and put a little trail of eggs from her bed to her door so she would see them when she very first woke up. When I heard her stirring, I hurried and ran to her room to hear her say "(gasp) There's Easter eggs in my room!!"
We ran around the house finding all the other "hidden" eggs. She would say "Oh, I remembered this egg is here" and "Oops, forgot this egg over here". She was hilarious, it was so much fun!

The girlies wearing their little bunny ears they got - Mya is chewing on an unopened package of Peeps. And by the way, we think Peeps are nasty, and I'm glad to find that Lolo does, too. We will be telling the Easter Bunny next year that we are a Peep free house.

A little outdoor set the girls got - which until the weather FINALLY decides to cooperate will be in the playroom downstairs. We hung out in our jammies (well, at least Lo did - but they were her new jammies that she insisted on putting on immediately, so she was kind of dressed) all morning long and stuffed ourselves with candy.

Lo in her dress Sunday morning. She HATED this dress from the time I bought it, and when I would try to get her to try it on she would freak out. But she put it on, reluctantly, and then when she looked in the mirror she said "Oh, this dress is beautiful!"

Here's little B in hers - she rocked it, of course.

This is a "bonus" picture that I found on the camera - apparently I did the "On Daddy's Watch" post a few days too early. Poor Mya and the things she gets put in.....
And if you look closely, she's going cross eyed looking at the basket handle. Totally creepy.

We had a fabulous, fun Easter and we hope y'all did, too!


Suz said...

mmmm. Send the Peeps this way. my favorite part of Easter.

Kristy said...

Your posts always crack me up! Lo and Mya are adorable and Lo says the funniest things! I'm glad you guys had a fun and eventful Easter!

Jennie-O said...

cute girls. I love both Easter dresses. I think Lauren is hilarious - you need to keep writing all the funny stuff she says because it makes me giggle!!

j. said...

cutest easter dresses EVER! i miss you guys already!

BreeAnn said...

very cute pictures! I am going to try to go to yoga next week. Do you go every week? Sorry I am a horrible visiting teacher!