Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I think spring is finally here! And that means rain and puppies! Here's a little picture I snapped outside Shara's house as we were leaving from dying eggs last week - it was raining when we left our house, so Lauren insisted on bringing her "rumbrella" with her. It had stopped when we went to go home, and she was just playing so cute with it while I was loading up the car, so I snapped a few pictures. She LOVES playing in the rain!
Funny little quick story - we were leaving Sam's Club last night in a torrential downpour, and halfway home she started crying. She wanted to get out and play in the rain. I told her we could for a minute when we got home, but by the time we got there she had changed her mind. She's so funny :)

My sister brought over her new puppy, Mr. Freckles, last week to introduce them to our family. I think Bryan was more excited for the visit than Lauren. He's a Border Collie and look at that face - so cute!

I'm not sure if he likes Lolo - she tries to play with him like she plays with Daisy, forgetting the fact that she can shove Daisy as hard as she can and nothing happens because she's huge. The poor puppy left our home slightly tossed around and mildly abused, sadly. But he survived.


Jennie-O said...

so cute! I love Lauren's rain slicker and umbrella - where did you find that?

Kinyon Family said...

Old Navy - I bought the umbrella a long time ago, and never could find the slicker in her size. But we went up to the Outlets and they had a ton up there - she has little galoshes too. So cute!

j. said...

ohhhhh want that pup!

The Byers Family said...

Don't worry, Mr Freckles will learn quickly that little ones like Lo are only occasionally fun and he'll do what Pooski does, run and hide! LOL!