Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eggs!

For one of our little Enrichment activities this month we did a little Easter egg hunt on Friday. Everyone brought 10 filled eggs per child and our own lunches to the neighborhood park, we ate our lunch, scattered the eggs, and turned them loose. Each kid got to pick up 10 eggs, and since they were all Kindergarten age or under, it worked out quite nicely. Lauren had so much fun - of course, since she is so social, she was more concerned with playing with all the kids than finding egss. But once I showed her what to do, she took off and loved it. She had a blast! I think the activity turned out well, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Maybe this will become a Redwood Ward tradition....who knows?

Here she is with her little basket o'eggs - she kept trying to just pick up the pink and purple ones - I had no idea she had a color preference!

Thursday we dyed eggs with the cousins - Annie, Shawna, and Brock. Lauren really enjoyed it for about 3 eggs and decided it wasn't fun enough, so I got to do the rest. But at least we can say we did it - I try every year and Bryan gets annoyed with the whole process, saying she's not old enough, but next year for sure she will be diggin' it!